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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Viewing and Solving Device Issues

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There are several ways you can sort devices to easily locate the issues you want to view:

  • You can sort devices by status, device name, IP address, and detected issue, by clicking a column header.
  • You can group issues by device classification and by issue type. Clicking the Classification or Issue Type buttons divides the devices into separate groups, which you can then further sort by clicking a column heading.

You can expand a device to view details about its onboarding issues. A device may have more than one issue.

Some issue descriptions include an arrow worddav18bbe32ff2b863c3542f68321c58550a.png that links to a page in Service Center that may provide you with assistance in resolving the problem. For example, for devices in which WMI access is denied, clicking the arrow takes you to the Credentials tab where you can provide the WMI credentials. See Managing Site Credentials.

If the issue cannot be corrected in Service Center, the issue description provides tips on solving the issue. For example, for a Device Unknown issue, the issue description suggests that you enable supported protocols, such as WMI, SNMP, or SSH, if they are available on the device.

  1. In Service Center, click Status > Onboarding Overview.
  2. Click a site name.
  3. To group the devices, click one of the following buttons:
    Classification Groups devices by type, for example Windows or Unix devices.
    Issue Type Groups devices by issue category, for example No Admin Share.
  4. Click the triangle beside a device to view the issue type and description.
  5. Optionally, do any of the following:
    • Click the device name to open the Device Overview page.
    • Some issue descriptions include an arrow that links to a page in Service Center that may provide you with assistance in solving the problem. Click the green arrow worddava76148caf26ab6d631bff13ef68da40b.png to solve the device issue.
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