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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Copying a Monitoring Policy

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You can copy a monitoring policy, which is useful when you want to create a very similar monitoring policy to one that already exists, but you don't want to start from scratch.

When you copy a monitoring policy, you can choose to make it an offline version of the original monitoring policy. Offline monitoring policies are given a new Globally Unique Identifier (GUID), which is not visible in the interface and identifies the copied monitoring policy as discrete from the original. Offline monitoring policies are not upgradeable with updates from Update Center. If you do not make the copy offline, it will have the same GUID as the original and any future updates will be applied to both monitoring policies.

  1. In Service Center, click Configuration > Policies > Monitoring.
  2. Select the check box beside the name of the monitoring policy you want to copy.
  3. Click Copy.
  4. In the Policy Name box, change the name of the monitoring policy, if required. Copied monitoring policies are automatically given a (1) suffix.
  5. In the Description box, provide a description of the monitoring policies.
  6. To prevent future updates from being applied to the monitoring policy, select the Offline check box.
  7. Click Create.
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