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Barracuda Managed Workplace

About Excluding Devices from Management

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Barracuda Managed Workplace allows you to control which devices you want to exclude from management, so that you do not get billed for devices you do not want to manage.

You can choose to automatically exclude all newly discovered devices at a site, which is helpful when:

  • the site periodically has temporary devices checking in, for example a doctor's office with WiFi.
  • your technician checks in to the local network to perform some troubleshooting.
  • you are charging your customers on a per-device basis, and you want to upsell your services by showing them that new devices are not currently under
  •  management.

When you exclude a device, it is removed from the scan, and all monitors, alerts, and historical information are purged. Excluded devices are not deleted.

Exclude by Device

You can exclude a device from the following locations:

  • Onboarding Overview dashboard
  • the Device page

When you exclude a device, the device is hidden in Service Center, but it is not deleted. All monitors, alerts, and historical information are purged. When you reinclude a device, the device comes back immediately.

Exclude by Rule

Deletes the device immediately from Service Center and Onsite Manager, and does not include the device in the network scan.

Use for devices you do not want to monitor where using its name (DNS name, SNMP name or MAC address) makes sense. For example, for a device that uses DHCP, in which case its IP address may change. When an exclusion rule is deleted, the device comes back after it is redetected during a network scan.

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