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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Try This—Create a Site and Install Onsite Manager

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To create a site and install Onsite Manager, perform the following steps.

Before installing Onsite Manager, you must ensure the following:

    • The installation computer meets Onsite Manager system requirements for the expected monitoring load

    • If Onsite Manager is installed in a domain environment, you are logged in as the Domain Administrator. If Onsite Manager is installed in a workgroup environment, you are logged in as a Local Administrator.

To create a site in Service Center
  1. Do one of the following:

    • If you have not yet set up a site in Service Center, the Create Site page displays automatically as your home page when you log in to Barracuda Managed Workplace.

    • If you have already set up a site in Service Center, and you want to create another, click Site Management > Create Site.

  2. Type the name of the site in the Site Name field.

  3. Select one of the following service delivery models for the site:

    Apply a single service plan to all devices in this site A single service plan is applied to the site. Select this option if the entire site can be monitored using a single service plan.

    Apply service plans to any of the following groups Service plans  is applied to groups at the site.

    Do not use a service plan for this site, I’ll configure the site manually This option is not recommended, however you may need to select this for sites that do not fit any of your current service levels or service delivery models.

  4. Click Next.

To apply a single service plan to a site

If you selected the Apply a single service plan to all devices in this site option, follow the steps below to select a service plan to apply.

  1. From the list, select a service plan to apply.
  2. Click Next.

When you select a service plan, the icons representing the types of policies that are applied to devices is highlighted in blue. You can use the Service Components matrix to quickly confirm the types of policies applied with the service plan. For more information on the types of policies you can create in Service Center, see the Barracuda Managed Workplace User Guide.

To apply service plans to groups
  1. For each group listed, select the service plan you want to apply.

  2. Click Next.
To specify how Onsite Manager and Device Manager are deployed
  1. Choose one of the following deployment methods:

    Typical Deployment Downloads a site-specific Onsite Manager. Device Managers is automatically installed on Windows and OS X laptops for the following four hours.

    Configure Advanced Options Allows you to choose whether to download Onsite Manager, Device Manager, and to specify whether or not to automatically deploy Device Managers on Windows and OS X laptops.

  2. If you selected Configure Advanced Options in the previous step, select one of the following options:
    • To download Onsite Manager only, select the Download Onsite Manager option button, and then clear the Automatically deploy Device Managers on Mac and Windows laptops check box.
    • To download Device Manager for Windows only, select the Download Device Manager for Windows Device button.
    • To download the Device Manager for Mac OS X only, select the Download Device Manager for Mac Device button.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click Create.
    The site is created in Service Center, and the Onsite Manager installation package for this site automatically starts downloading.
  5. Click Finish to complete the process.
    The Site Management page opens with the new site listed.
To install Onsite Manager on the site

The Onsite Manager install package downloads to the Downloads folder of the computer you are currently using. The executable is named OMSetup for <SITE>.exe, where <SITE> is the name of your site. If you are not on the site you want to install Onsite Manager on, perform a remote desktop to the site and move the OMSetup executable to the site.

  1. Double-click the OMSetup executable to install it.
  2. Accept the defaults in the OMSetup wizard.
For more information

For more information about Onsite Manager install options, see the Setup Guide.

What's Next?

Now that your site is setup and the Onsite Manager installed, you can configure a scan to monitor and collect new asset data. See Step 2: Configure a Scan for a Site Monitored by Onsite Manager.

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