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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Try This—Schedule a Report

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You want to demonstrate to customer that your service is worthwhile, so every month you want to send the Executive Summary report.

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Set up a monthly Executive Summary report
  1. In Service Center, click Reporting > Delivery Schedules.

  2. Click Create Schedule.
  3. In the Status tab, type Exec Summary as the name for the delivery schedule.
    Step 7 - 2.png
  4. Click the Settings tab.
  5. In the Type section, select Site.
  6. From the Category list, select Service Delivery.
  7. From the Report list, select Executive Summary.
  8. To deliver this report as a PDF, in the Format field, select PDF.
    Step 7 - 3.png
  9. Click the Subjects tab.
  10. Select the check box for your site and click the chevron (>>) button.
    Step 7 - 4.png
  11. Click the Delivery tab.
  12. To keep a copy of the report for viewing later, select the Save Report to Archive check box.
  13. Select the Email Report check box.
  14. Select a priority for the email message from the Priority list.
  15. Type the email address of each recipient (separating recipient addresses with a semicolon), or click the address book icon to open the Email Contacts dialog box, where you can select Service Center users by selecting the corresponding check box.
  16. In the Subject box, type the email subject line contents.
  17. In the Message box, type the email message.
    Step 7 - 4.png
  18. Click the Schedule tab.
  19. Click the Monthly button.
  20. In the Day of Month field, type 1.
  21. Click the clock icon and select 8:00 am.
  22. In the Reporting period section, select 1 and months from the lists.
    Step 7 - 6.png
  23. Click Save.

    Step 7 - 7.png

    Every first day of the month at 8:00 a.m., the Executive Summary Report is sent to the emails you specified.

    You can click Run Now to run a delivery schedule immediately.

What’s Next

Now you can check the security of a site with Site Security Assessments. See Step 8: Site Security Assessments.


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