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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Performing Backups on Devices

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When you set up the backup configuration policies for the Infrascale service module, you create a backup schedule for both file and folder backups and bare metal backups. From the service module dashboards, you can initiate a backup on a device off-schedule, on an as-needed basis. For example, if a backup has failed on a device, you can run a Backup Now command without having to wait for the next scheduled backup.

There are several ways in which the Infrascale dashboards alert you that you may need to perform a backup:

From any of the dashboards, you can click the widget at the top if there is an active alert, an error backup event, or a warning backup event. After investigating, you might determine that the device requires a backup.

From the multi-site dashboard, scroll down to the Protected Devices table, and there is a device that has not yet had a backup performed, click the Backup Now link.

From the device dashboard, after allocating more disk quota to a device, you may want to perform a backup now that the device has the required disk quota.

To perform a backup on a device
You cannot use both file and folder backup and bare metal backups on the same device.
  • In Service Center, do one of the following:
    • From the site dashboard, in the Appliances or Protected Devices table, click the Backup Now link.
    • From the device dashboard, in the Manage section, click the Backup Now link.
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