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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Adjusting the Disk Quota Assigned to a Device

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You can adjust the disk quota assigned to a device by either increasing the quota, which prevents backups from failing on the device if it goes over quota, or by reducing the quota, which frees up quota to use on other devices.

Adjusting the disk quota may be necessary because when you set up the Infrascale Service Module, you assigned a default quota per device. This quota is automatically assigned when you add a device. Adjusting the quota as you discover how much each device actually uses lets you manage your disk quota.

  1. In Service Center, click Status > Service Modules.
  2. Click the Infrascale link.
  3. Scroll down to the Protected Devices table.
  4. Click a device name.
  5. On the Device dashboard, click the gear icon gear.jpg.
  6. In the Disk Quota (MB) box, type the disk quota you want to assign to the device.
  7. Click Save.
After purchasing additional disk quota, you must click Status > Service Modules, then click the gear icon gear.jpgbeside Infrascale, then click Save to have this additional quota appear in Service Center.
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