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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Understanding the Infrascale Monitoring Policies

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The Infrascale service module includes three monitoring policies:

Infrascale Data Protection Appliance (DPA)

This monitoring policy monitors Infrascale Data Protection Appliance (DPA), an enterprise-grade backup appliance designed to protect physical and virtual environments, and requires a an appliance set up on dedicated hardware at the customer site. If you have purchased a DPA license, you can set up manual or automatic application rules to monitor the DPA appliance. This monitoring policy monitors for the following:

  • Client machine is unreachable
  • Drive reliability to anticipate hardware failures
  • Disk space low, critical, or out of space
  • Infrascale Appliance Asset collection
  • DPA availability
  • Appliance requires media
  • A backup or restore job fails
  • RAID health
  • Sensor out of range
  • System settings have changed

The Infrascale Data Protection Appliance (DPA) monitoring policy does not contain any automatic or manual application rules. If you choose to install an appliance at a customer site, it is recommended that you manually add the appliance device to this monitoring policy in the Manual Application tab.

Infrascale Data Protection Cloud (DPC)

This monitoring policy monitors devices with file and folder backups. It monitors for the following:

  • Collects Backup Account usage snapshots.
  • Collects Backup Event history.
  • Collects Infrascale DPC events.
  • Monitors the status of offsite network backups.

The Infrascale Data Protection Cloud (DPC) monitoring policy contains a single automatic application rule - Windows Service Name equals sagentservice - which automatically detect devices with file and folder backup installed. Therefore, you do not need to create automatic or manual application rules for this monitoring policy. However, you do need to add it to a service for monitoring to begin.

StorageCraft ShadowProtect

This monitoring policy monitors devices with StorageCraft ShadowProtect, which is deployed on servers to perform bare metal backup. It monitors for the following events, among others:

  • Backup failed or stopped before completion.
  • Cannot create or destroy snapshots.
  • Failed to save backup.
  • Trial period is about to expire.

The StorageCraft ShadowProtect monitoring policy contains a single automatic application rule - Software Name contains ShadowProtect - to ensure that this monitoring policy only gets applied to devices that have the ShadowProtect agent installed.

After a ShadowProtect StorageCraft policy is applied to a device, you must reboot that device for the policy to take effect. To reboot a device, from the Site dashboard, scroll down to the Protected Devices table, and, in the Action column, click the Reboot link.
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