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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Using the New Site Default Security Schema

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You can set a security schema as the new site default schema, which is applied automatically to new sites when they are created.

Only one schema can be the default new site schema at a time. When you change the default new site security schema, the new default is not applied to the sites that were created with the previous new site schema applied; sites remain with the security schema applied when they were created.

If you don’t choose a default new site security schema, the Standard Security Schema is the default new site security schema.

In the Security Schema list, the default new site security schema is indicated by an asterisk.


To select a Default New Site Security Schema
  1. Click Configuration > Site Security.
  2. Select the check box next to the name of the schema you want as the Default New Site Custom Security Schema.
  3. Click More Actions > Set Schema as the New Site Default.
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