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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Setting Up Infrascale Credentials

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To obtain Infrascale licenses and account credentials, contact your sales representative. An Infrascale account will be set up for you, and you will be sent an email with a user name and a link to the Infrascale dashboard.

When you log in to your Infrascale dashboard, do not install through the dashboard. If possible, do not proceed with anything on the dashboard; follow these procedures, then access Infrascale through your Barracuda Managed Workplace dashboard:


When you log in to the Infrascale dashboard, you are prompted to provide and verify a password for your Infrascale account. Take note of this password, as you will be entering it in Service Center.

Next, you will enter your Infrascale credentials into Service Center.

To enter your Infrascale credentials into Service Center
  1. In Service Center, click Status > Service Modules.
  2. In the Infrascale section, click the gear icon gear.jpg.
  3. In the User Name box, type your Infrascale user name. This is the name provided in the email sent by your sales representative.
  4. In the Password box, type your Infrascale password. This is the password you created when you logged in to the Infrascale Dashboard to set up your account.
  5. In the Default Device Quota for File/Folder Policy (GB) box, enter the default disk quota you want to allocate per device for file and folder backups. By default, this is set to 25GBs.
  6. In the Default Device Quota for Baremetal Policy (GB) box, enter the default disk quota you want to allocate per device for bare metal backup. By default, this is set to 250GBs .


    GB of your Infrascale space is dedicated to administrative purposes. For example, if you purchased 25 GBs to backup a single device, you must set your Default Device Quota for File/Folder to 24 GBs. Also, in that case, you would not have any space left to allocate to the Baremetal policy.

    Steps 5 and 6 set the default quota that is automatically assigned to each device/server you add. To change the disk quota assigned to a device, follow the Adjusting the Disk Quota Assigned to a Device procedure.

  7. If you want to allow backup accounts to go over quota, select the Allow backup accounts to go over quota checkbox. When selected, if a backup requires more disk space that you’ve allotted, the backup continues over quota and you are billed for the additional disk space. If you do not select this checkbox and a backup goes over quota, the backup fails.

    You can also allow backups to go over quota on a per-device basis, if you do not want to allow this at the multi-site level. See Viewing Infrascale BDR Data for a Device.

  8. In the Agent Update Behavior section, click the Auto-upgrade backup agent checkbox if you want to automatically update the OBRM agent on devices as new updates become available.
  9. Click Save.
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