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Barracuda RMM (Formerly Managed Workplace)

What's New in Barracuda Managed Workplace 12

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Patch Scanning for Third Party Applications

Barracuda Managed Workplace introduces a new tool for discovering updates for non-Microsoft applications. Advanced Software Management scanning is free for all users, and can scan and assess the software on your devices for missing updates and patches for software from over 100 different vendors.

Advanced Software Management for Third Party Applications

Advanced Software Management is an integrated third party patch management system that lets you keep all the devices you manage up to date with the latest feature and security patches for over 100 software vendors.

Advanced Software Management lets you:

  • Select and approve or reject updates and patches to install.
  • Choose which devices to update.
  • Create a schedule for convenient updates that to reduce work interruptions.

Advanced Software Management is available to Barracuda Managed Workplace users for an additional license fee. Contact your Barracuda sales representative for details.

Updates to User History

As of this release, the User History creates a record when:

  • Advanced Software Management patch products are changed
  • Advanced Software Management patch classifications are changed
  • An Advanced Software Management patch approval rule is added
  • An Advanced Software Management patch approval rule is deleted
  • An Advanced Software Management patch approval rules are run manually on devices

Ability to See Devices Missing an Antivirus Policy

From the Avast Antivirus > Deployment page, you can now click the number under the Device Missing an Antivirus Policy column to identify the devices that don’t have an antivirus policy assigned. This allows you to identify devices at risk of antivirus infection so you can take steps to protect them with Avast Antivirus.

Improved Alert Page Status Filters

Barracuda Managed Workplace 12 provides additional functionality to view alerts on the following pages:

  • Status > Alerts
  • Site Overview > Site Alerts
  • Device Overview > Device Alerts

Previously, each of these pages showed different statuses of alerts, but now, for a consistent experience, each of these pages displays the following alert statuses:

  • Active
  • Suppressed
  • Cleared

Improved Approval Group Table Sorting

On the Patch Management > Settings > Approval Groups page, you can now sort the table by the Operating System, Last Status Report, and Computer Group columns.

Improved Groups Table Filtering

On the Configuration > Groups page, you can now filter by Service Group Folder.

Additions to the Reporting Data Layer

The Product Key and Installed Date fields have been added to the Reporting Data Layer database.

Addition of Service Name to Windows Services Table for Device

The Windows Services table on the Status > Device page, in Inventory Details > Software, now includes the Service Name which is used in auto-inclusion rules, to allow you to more easily identify the services used in auto-inclusion rules.

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