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Barracuda RMM (Formerly Managed Workplace)

Download Barracuda Managed Workplace 12 Service Pack 1 Maintenance Release 1 - Self-hosted

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Use these files if you host your own Service Center.

Make sure you follow the correct process for your upgrade or new installation by following the steps we've outlined here. You can upgrade to Barracuda Managed Workplace 12 SP1 MR1 from Managed Workplace 12 SP1 or higher.

Once you have upgraded to Barracuda Managed Workplace 12 SP1 MR1, download HotFix 2 from the Update Center. Review the HotFix 2 release notes.

Thorough preparation is the key to any successful project on production servers.

Steps to Upgrade to 12 SP1 MR1

Before you begin

First and most importantly,  back up your database .

Take a moment to review the Release Notes - 12 SP1 MR1.


The Barracuda Managed Workplace installer will not allow you to proceed if you do not have the correct software configuration in place.

As an example, the Barracuda Managed Workplace install engine will abort your upgrade if it determines that Windows SQL 2008 Service Pack 1 has not been applied.

If you are using a self-hosted version of Barracuda Managed Workplace, before upgrading to Barracuda Managed Workplace 10 or higher, it is highly recommended that you set the Max Degree of Parallelism setting in the SQL Server Properties window. Enabling this setting improves SQL performance during and after the upgrade.

To set the Max Degree of Parallelism setting, perform the following steps:

  1. In the SQL Server Properties window, click the Advanced page.
  2. In the Parallelism area, for the Max Degree of Parallelism setting, enter 1. By default, this is set to 0.

If you are manually upgrading an Onsite Manager installed to a SQL instance other than LPIMWOMEXPRESS, please contact Support for assistance with moving your database to an instance using this name. Remote upgrades to Onsite Managers will continue to upgrade other instances without issue.  

Barracuda Managed Workplace 12 SP1 MR1 requires .NET 4.6.0 or higher. If you do not have .NET 4.6.0 or higher installed, it will be installed as part of Barracuda Managed Workplace, which may require a restart. Please see “Reboot After Install” in the Barracuda Managed Workplace Setup Guide for details.

We invite you to  assess your current infrastructure  against the recommendations for Barracuda Managed Workplace:

Begin the Download

Backup your database  (if you haven't already done so).

Download the Barracuda Managed Workplace software:


After downloading the installation package, you ensure the zip file is not blocked by right-clicking the file, selecting Properties, and then selecting Unblock. Additionally, after extracting the files, you run the setup with elevated privileges, such as Run as Administrator.

After installing Barracuda Managed Workplace 12 SP1 MR1, visit the Update Center to install Barracuda Managed Workplace 12 SP1 MR1 HotFix 2. Review the HotFix readme. 

You can upgrade to Barracuda Managed Workplace 12 SP1 MR 1 from Barracuda Managed Workplace 12 SP1 or higher. The link may be found below:

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