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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Barracuda Managed Workplace 12 Service Pack 2 HotFix 4

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This HotFix applies to Barracuda Managed Workplace 12 Service Pack 2. It includes the fixes in previous Service Pack 2 HotFixes.

New Features

Improvements to Default Down Device Deletion

This release introduces two changes to Default Down Device Deletion. You can now:

  • Set the Global Default Down Device Deletion setting, which is how many consecutive days a device can be down before it is deleted.
  • Set different Default Down Device Deletion settings for devices managed by the Onsite Manager and devices managed by Device Managers.

For more information, see the following:

  • Setting When to Delete Down Devices for a Site
  • Setting the Default Global Threshold for Down Device Deletion
Launch Premium Remote Control from iOS mobile devices

Premium Remote Control can now be launched from iOS mobile devices. For more information, see Premium Remote Control and iOS Devices.

Size limit for automation file parameters to improve performance

To speed up automated tasks, the size limit for file parameters is now 10 MB. New files are affected by this change. Existing files are not affected unless they are edited, and then the new limit applies.

Several scripts are available from the Update Center to help you download and run large files, such as:

  • Run executable from Web
  • Install MSI from Web
An updated Deploy BCS+ Agent script

There is an updated script to deploy the BCS+ Agent. Download a new version from the Update Center.

SiteNotes table exposed in the Data Layer

The following have been exposed in the Data Layer, and can now be included in Data Layer reports:

  • The SiteNotes table
  • The Notes field in the Site table
  • The Notes field in the Device table

See the Data Layer documentation for details.

User-reported issues

This HotFix includes the fix for customer-reported issues. To view or search fixed issues, visit the Resolved Issues page and select 12 SP2 HF4 from the Version list.

Resolved issues

Remote Control


Resolved an issue that prevented Premium Remote Control from being initiated from iOS devices.

Installation, Upgrading, and Migration


Made improvements to ensure new VAR database schemas are consistent with all new hotfixes applied to Service Center.



Created a separate Down Device Threshold for devices managed by Device Managers.

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