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Barracuda RMM
formerly Managed Workplace

Barracuda RMM 12 Service Pack 3 HotFix 1 Release Notes

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This HotFix applies to Barracuda RMM 12 Service Pack 3.

Ensure servers running Barracuda RMM are fully patched. An issue exists where you may not be able to log in to Service Center if the HotFix is applied to servers that are not fully patched. If you encounter this issue, it can be resolved by applying all Microsoft Windows patches.

This Hotfix requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8. For more information about .NET, click here. For information about checking your version of .NET, see To check your .NET version below.


This HotFix includes the following feature:

  • The OSX Site Prep Utility now supports macOS versions Catalina and Big Sur.

For Mac devices, the recommended OS version is now 10.12 and higher.

Performance Improvements

This release introduces the following performance improvements:

  • Improved alert handling performance.
  • The file size for automation scripts and packages has been increased to 25 MB.

OSX Site Prep Utility

You must configure the following site credentials before downloading the OS X Prep Utility:

  • SSH
  • SNMP
  • VNC Screen Share

If these credentials are not set in Service Center, the Download OS X Prep Utility link is not available. The OS X Prep Utility will set these credentials on the device. For more information, see Managing Site Credentials in the User Guide.

The OS X Prep Utility performs the following actions on Mac devices:

  • Configures and enables SNMP. Any existing SNMP settings are overridden.
  • Turns on VNC Screen Share.
  • Enables SSH on the device and creates an administrator account, if one does not already exist. If an account already exists, the password will not change.


The OS X Prep Utility is only available for sites with an Onsite Manager.  

To run the OS X Prep Utility
  1. In Service Center, click Site Management > Sites.
  2. Click the name of the site with which you want to work.
  3. Click the Resources tab.
  4. In the OS X Resources section, click Download OS X Prep Utility.
  5. Click Save and select the location to which you want to save the OS X Prep Utility.
  6. If the file does not unzip automatically, unzip it.
  7. On a command line, run the following:
    sudo xattr -rd '<filepath>/OS X Prep Utility'
    sudo chmod -R 755 '<filepath>/OS X Prep'
    where <filepath> is the file path to the location where you saved the OS X Prep Utility in step 5.

Onsite Manager and Device Manager Upgrade

This HotFix releases new Onsite Managers and new Device Managers for Windows .

  • Users of the macOS Device Manager can upgrade from Barracuda RMM version 12 SP2 and higher.
  • If your Mac uses an M1 chip, you must install Rosetta before upgrading.
To update Onsite Managers and Device Managers
  1. In Service Center, click Update Center > Products.
  2. Select the check box for each site whose Onsite Manager and Device Managers you want to upgrade, or use the check box column header to select all sites in the list.
  3. Click Advanced Options, and then select the following check boxes:
    • Update Onsite Managers for selected sites
    • Update Device Managers for selected sites
To manually upgrade the Device Manager for macOS
  1. Uninstall the existing version of the macOS DM.
  2. Follow the correct procedure for your Barracuda RMM installation:

Users who require the HotFix download packages can find them at the extreme bottom of the Download page in Campus (Campus Account and log in required).

Resolved issues

To view or search the fixed issues, visit the Resolved Issues page and select 12 SP3 HF1 from the Version list.

Monitoring and Alerting


Resolved an issue where Performance Counter Alerts set to "% Free Space is less than threshold 99 for the last 1 data points" in Monitoring policies applied to WMI devices did not alert.



Resolved SQL parameter sniffing issues that impacted Central Dashboard loading times.

Automated Tasks and Scripting


Resolved an issue that affected Service Center performance when automated task alert data was transmitted to Onsite Managers and Device Managers.


Resolved SQL parameter sniffing issues that impacted Service Center performance in Automation-related areas.



Resolved an issue that prevented reestablishment of communication with macOS devices that lost communication with Service Center.

To check your .NET version

Run the following command in a Command Prompt:

reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Client" /v Version