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Barracuda RMM
formerly Managed Workplace

Moving an Onsite Manager - Hosting Provider

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Changes may be required on the destination server, so be sure to have installation files available for the operating system.

When moving to one or more servers, there are important networking changes that may be required to ensure that Barracuda RMM functions normally once completed.

SQL version On the destination server, must be updated to the same service pack as was applied to the originating server. The collation must also be the same.

Proxy servers May need to be configured to allow traffic from the Onsite Manager if the server host name or IP address changes. You may also need to run the Configure Proxy Server Settings utility from the Onsite Manager program group to restore normal communications.

Firewalls and routers Must be updated to forward the correct ports to the destination server IP address, if it changes. No inbound access is required, but some internal security and infrastructure devices may require reconfiguration.

SNMP Devices. Must be reconfigured to send traps to the destination server IP address or host name, if it changes.

Syslog Devices. Must be reconfigured to send messages to the destination server IP address or host name, if it changes.

The procedures for moving an Onsite Manager assume SQL Management Studio Express is installed on the originating and destination servers using the LPIMWOMEXPRESS instance. If Onsite Manager was installed to an instance created by the installer, it is probably not installed. Click here to visit the download page for SQL Management Studio Express.

  1. Install SQL 2014 and SQL Management Studio on the destination Onsite Manager server.

    When installing, ensure that you select a named instance, and specify the instance name LPIMWOMEXPRESS.

  2. Uninstall the Onsite Manager application using Windows. Depending on your version of Windows, you will do this using either Programs and Features or Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel.
  3. Create a back up of the MWData database using SQL Management Studio.

    If you’re moving a database from an older version of SQL Server to a newer one, check the compatibility level of the database and change it if necessary. See this article from Microsoft for details.

  4. Using SQL Management Studio, restore the database backup to the destination server using the new LPIMWOMEXPRESS instance.

    The database is backed up and restored using native SQL functionality. For more information, see Backing Up and Restoring Databases.

  5. Download the latest Onsite Manager Installer from Barracuda Campus.

    Do not download the Onsite Manager from Service Center as this can result in data being lost.

  6. Install Onsite Manager on the destination server. When prompted, choose to keep the existing database. Complete the install and register Onsite Manager.
  7. Make any environmental changes (such as proxy server configuration) so that Onsite Manager resumes communications.
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