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Installing Device Managers

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When you created the site, you had the choice to automatically deploy Device Managers to Windows and macOS laptops. See Creating a Site in Service Center.

After site creation, you can do any of the following:

  • Automatically deploy Device Managers to any laptops that have been added since site creation.
  • Email a Device Manager to a user to install.
  • Download Device Manager to a device.

The Device Manager installer requires data to be downloaded from Service Center. This means that Device Manager must have access to the Internet to install properly.

Which Device Manager should you use?

When you email or download a Device Manager, you must specify either a Device Manager for Windows or a Device Manager for macOS. 

You cannot install or deploy a Device Manager for macOS to a Mac device that has a web proxy configured.

For Windows, you can download the Device Manager installer as an .exe or .msi. Both versions install the same Device Manager, but are used for different purposes:

  • Use .exe for supervised installs.
  • Use .msi for silent installs run by a domain policy or automation software.
  1. In Service Center, click Site Management > Sites.
  2. Click the name of the site where you want Device Managers installed.
  3. Click the Device Manager tab.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • To automatically deploy Device Manager to laptops, click Deploy Device Managers (via Onsite Manager). Use the filters to narrow down your selection, select the devices to which you want to deploy Device Manager, and click OK.

    • To download Device Manager to a Windows device for a silent install run by a domain policy or automation software, click Download and select Windows Device Manager > Device Manager MSI.

    • To download Device Manager to a Windows device for a supervised install, click Download and select Windows Device Manager > Device Manager EXE.

    • To download Device Manager to a macOS device, click Download and select OS X Device Manager.
      An email launches with the Device Manager download link. Optionally, you can edit the message to the following suggested text:
      "Click to download and install the Device Manager utility that allows your computer to be remotely protected."
      The recipient must click the link in the email message and download and install Device Manager or save it to install later.

  • The Device Manager setup file is sent in .zip format. The user must unzip the file and run the file.
  • By default, Device Manager for Windows is installed in the following location: C:/Windows/Program Files/Level Platforms/Onsite Manager or C:/Windows/Program Files (x86)/Level Platforms/Onsite Manager. Its copy of OMDesktop.exe is located in the bin directory under Onsite Manager.
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