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Barracuda RMM (Formerly Managed Workplace)

Automation Requirements

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For Onsite Manager to execute automated tasks on remote Windows devices, the following prerequisites must be met in the target device:

  • Windows Script Host enabled.
  • The Workstation Windows Service is running.
  • The Server service is running.
  • The Remote Admin share (ADMIN$) is available.
  • The Windows Network is running, and Printer and File Sharing are activated.
  • Ports 135 and 445 must be open. By default most firewalls will block any incoming traffic to these ports.
  • There is enough disk space to copy the script.
  • The device is WMI-enabled.

If using PowerShell scripts:

  • Some scripts require that PowerShell 2.0 or 3.0 is enabled.
  • The PowerShell execution policy must allow unsigned scripts.

For Onsite Manager to execute automated tasks on remote Mac and Unix/Linux devices, the target device must meet the following requirements:

  • Port 22 is open.
  • Supported SSH ciphers are implemented, for example, aes128-cbc and 3des-cbc. These ciphers are implemented by default in Mac and Linux devices, but not by default in some Unix platforms, including Solaris.
  • SSH is enabled.
  • The interpreter for the scripts being run must be installed on the system. The scripts that run on these platforms are written in Python, which is available by default on macOS and most Linux deployments.

You can configure a role to see all the tasks but not be able to modify any scripts. See Setting Permissions for a Role.

Script Limitations

For scripts and automation packages, the size limit for file parameters is 10 MB. Several scripts are available from the Update Center to help you download and run large files, such as:

  • Run executable from Web
  • Install MSI from Web
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