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Logging In and Out

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When you access the Service Center web console, you must log in. The method for logging in depends on whether you have set up Idaptive (Single Sign On). For more information on Idaptive, see Configuring Idaptive.

To log in using Idaptive

  • Using a supported web browser, navigate to http://<LOCALHOST>/sc/ssologin.aspx?SsoVarGuid=<SSOVARGUID> where <LOCALHOST> is your local host and <SSOVARGUID> is your SsoVarGuid.

To log in with your Service Center credentials

If your Administrator has not set up Multi-Factor Authentication, you can log in with only your user name, password, and the name of your VAR domain.

  1. Type your user name, password, and VAR domain, if required.
  2. If required, type the passcode from your Authentication app.
  3. Click Log In.

The first time you log in to Service Center, an End User License Agreement appears. You must accept the license agreement before proceeding with the login.

To log out of Service Center

  • Click Log Out on the left sidebar.
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