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Barracuda RMM
formerly Managed Workplace

Architecture Overview - On Premise

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Barracuda RMM is made up of four components:

Service Center is installed on a server in your network or in a data center. Service Center is the web-based management application where users perform their work and also the databases where all the client information resides.

Onsite Manager and Device Managers collect client data and send it to Service Center over the Internet. Use Onsite Manager to collect data and manage many devices. Use Device Manager to collect data and manage a single device.

The Onsite Manager performs agentless monitoring, collecting information from all types of IP-based devices, including computers running any operating systems as well as routers, printers and other infrastructure devices.

The Device Manager is an agent, monitoring information only from the device upon which it is installed.

Both Onsite Managers and Device Managers regularly initiate outbound communications to Service Center to receive new instructions and upload the data that has been collected.

Barracuda RMM doesn’t support the monitoring of clusters.

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