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Barracuda RMM
formerly Managed Workplace

API Documentation

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The Barracuda RMM Services API is a web service that provides access to some of the data provided and collected by Barracuda RMM, including the following:

  • alerts
  • asset tags
  • CPU assets
  • devices
  • fixed disk assets
  • groups
  • monitor assets
  • network card assets
  • network interface assets
  • optical drive assets
  • printers
  • Quick Fix Engineering assets
  • sites
  • software
  • system assets
  • trouble tickets
  • users
  • VARs
  • video cards

The documentation of the RMM APIs is available in Swagger ( format and can be found in the following location:

  • http://<HostName>/SCMessaging/ui/index, where <HostName> is the name of the location where your Barracuda RMM instance is hosted.
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