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Applying Service Plans to Site Groups

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After you create a service plan or choose a pre-built service plan, you can apply it to site groups.

If you plan on using a group-based service delivery model for your service plans, you might want to create a shared site group. A shared site group  creates a common site group definition that automatically creates a site group at all new sites using the automatic inclusion rules you define. By letting you configure site group automatic inclusion rules in one central location, and then applying these rules across multiple sites, shared site groups allow you to standardize and simplify site creation.

You create and manage shared site group definitions in Service Center, by going to Configuration > Groups, then clicking the Configure Shared Site Groups tab. For more information on creating and managing shared site groups, see Creating Shared Site Groups.

Applying Service Plans to a Site Group

It is recommended that if you choose to apply service plans using a group-based service delivery model, you apply it to site groups that have been created using a shared site group definition. However, if you have already created site groups for the site, you might find it easier to use your existing groups.

  1. In Service Center, click Status > Central Dashboard.
  2. Click the name of a site.
  3. In the Service Plan Application area, click the gear icon gear.jpg.
  4. If a site is not set up to use shared site groups by default, click the gear icon gear.jpg again and select the Apply Service Plans directly to groups button. If the site is already set up to use shared site groups, skip this step.
  5. In the Manage Service Plan Application area, click the Apply Service Plan to a new Group link.
  6. From the Choose an unassigned site group list, select the shared site group to which you want to apply a service plan.
  7. In the Service Plan Applications area, from the list, select the service plan you want to apply to this site group.

    The Service Components area provides a quick visual indication of the types of policies included in the selected service plan. For example, if the service plan contains a monitoring policy, the Monitoring icon is shaded black.

  8. Click Save.
  9. Repeat steps 5 to 8 to apply service plans to other groups, as needed.


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