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Barracuda RMM
formerly Managed Workplace

Servers crashing with Avast Installed

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An issue we have encountered with Avast, as deployed from Barracuda RMM, with Servers is that they crash or throw a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) forcing you to restart. In order to fix this, please follow these steps below.

  1. Follow the knowledge base article: Cleanly reinstall Avast Antivirus in Barracuda RMM.
  2. Before the reinstall process, do the following:
    • In your Service Center select Service Delivery.
    • Select Policies.
    • Then click on Avast Antivirus.
    • Select the Antivirus policy you have deployed to the problematic servers.
    • Click on Server Settings.
    • Go to the Troubleshooting tab.
    • Remove the checkmark on Enable Hardware-Assisted Virtualization as seen in the screenshot below.
  3. Finish the reinstall as per step 1.