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Barracuda RMM
formerly Managed Workplace

Monitor File Sizes

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There may be instances where monitoring a given file size is required on a given system, for example, an Access Database. This can be accomplished by creating a custom Network Object within Barracuda RMM where alerts can be generated against these monitors as with any other Performance counter.

Creating a custom Network Object within Barracuda RMM

To create a custom Network Object within Barracuda RMM please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Service Center.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > System Settings > Network Objects > Add.
  3. Under Performance Object enter File Size or another descriptive name.
  4. If this is the first time setting up a file size monitor, click the Other checkboxes which will display a text input.
  5. Under Object Instance enter the full name using double backslashes for file paths. eg. C:\\Program Files (x86)\\ Level Platforms\\Onsite Manager\\logs\\TraceExpertSystem.txt.
  6. Under Instance Counter enter File Size or another descriptive name.
  7. Under WMI Class Name enter CIM_DataFile.
  8. Under WMI Property Name enter FileSize.

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  9. Navigate to an appropriate Monitoring Policy (Configuration > Policies > Monitoring) or a devices Monitor page.
  10. Click Add Monitor > Performance Counter > Add.
  11. Provide a descriptive title.
  12. Select File Size or the given Performance Object name provided earlier.
  13. Select the correct Object Instance.

    Never use All Available Instances as this causes the Onsite Manager to attempt to pull every file size on systems with the monitor and prevents effective monitoring of any system.

  14. Select File Size as the Counter.
  15. Click Save.

To add additional files to be monitored, follow the same directions but enter the new file path to be monitored; all other entries will become available in the drop-down menus.