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Barracuda RMM
formerly Managed Workplace

Locations and Descriptions of Barracuda RMM Log Files

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During troubleshooting, technical support may ask for the Log files for Barracuda RMM. Here are the locations of the Log files, as well as a description of their use.

You can also utilize the Support Diagnostics feature from the Configuration > System Settings > Support Diagnostics page to collect OM application and setup logs with just a few clicks and then download a single zip from the SC.

However, if the OM is in a bad state, the collection from Service Center might fail. However, the tool can still be invaluable when running manually as it will combine most of the application and setup logs for Onsite Manager, Device Manager, and Service Center. It does not yet collect the logs for Mwus.

Barracuda RMM Installation log files

The installation log files for all Barracuda RMM products are located in the following folder, regardless of the systems architecture:  C:\Program Files\Level Platforms\LPISetupLogs

Barracuda RMM Onsite Manager and Device manager log files

Barracuda RMM 12 SP4 and beyondC:\Program Files (x86)\Barracuda RMM\Onsite Manager\Logs
Barracuda RMM before 12 SP4 or upgrading from earlier versionsC:\Program Files (x86)\Level Platforms\Onsite Manager\Logs
Log fileContains
TraceExpertSystem.txtContains log output from the MWExpertSystem service. This covers service startup, shutdown, monitoring, and other service activity.
UpdateServices.txt (Onsite Manager Only)Contains activity about MWUS (Integrated patch management), such as patch metadata synchronization and device check-in activity.
OMNetworkServiceTrace.txt (Onsite Manager Only)Contains OMNetworkService activity about remote access connection activity.
Lighttpd_access.log | Lighttpd_error.log (Onsite Managers storing patches locally)These logs track access and error activity for the lighttpd.exe used for hosting the local patch cache on Onsite Managers.
com.*.txtThese logs contain activity about service modules with the Service Module name in place of the *. IE: com.avg.hyperv.txt
Barracuda RMM Service Center log files

The log files for Service Center are located in the following folder assuming the default installation path is used:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Level Platforms\Service Center\Logs.

Log fileContains
SCMonitor.txtContains information about the SCMonitor service and other system-wide operations of a particular service center environment. Essentially anything not specific to a VAR will be included in the SCMonitor.txt log. This log also contains information about the startup and shutdown of the Service Center Monitor (SCMonitor) service.
DefaultVarLog.txt or VarnameVarLog.txtContains information regarding changes or activities within a specific VAR in a service center environment, whether hosted or on-premise. Any activities occurring within a SCData_varname database will be logged in the DefaultVarLog.txt or VarLog associated with a particular VAR. This log also contains information about VAR initialization.
SCMessagingLog.txtContains information related to communications with the SCMessaging site in IIS. Remote Access connection activity will be held in SCMessaging to name an example.
SCWebLog.txtContains information and messages related to the Service Center web page. User Interface errors for example, will likely appear in the SCWeb.txt log
PatchMetaDataSyncManagerLog.txtContains activity about Patch Metadata synchronization and failures.
DefaultVar_com.*.txtContains activity related to individual service module plugins that may be loaded in a service center VAR. The log file name will include the Service Module name in place of the *. IE: DefaultVar_com.avg.hypervLog.txt
To run the MWDiagnosticCollector on an Onsite Manager or Device Manager

If you require the logs to be sent to Support, please visit this article.

Barracuda RMM Support Note

For macOS devices, Install Logs are located in /var/tmp/avg/ and the Operation Logs are located in /Applications/Managed Workplace/Onsite Manager/logs/