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Barracuda RMM
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How to Deliver a Report Using a Different Time Zone

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The time zone in a delivery schedule affects the data being used in the report, however, it does not impact when the report is sent out. Instead, the actual delivery time is based on the time zone of the user who created it.

In order to create a delivery schedule that will be sent according to a given time zone, a user must be created within that time zone, and must subsequently create the delivery schedule.

To change the time zone for a user, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Service Center.
  2. Click on Configuration.
  3. Click on User Management.
  4. Click on the user whose Time Zone you want access to.
  5. Change the Time Zone under Regional Preferences.
  6. Click Save.

This user can then create the delivery schedule which will apply to that time zone.