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Barracuda RMM
formerly Managed Workplace

ECHOplatform Integration troubleshooting in Barracuda RMM

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This KB will cover some of the basic troubleshooting for the ECHOplatform and goes over a few of the same steps found on the User Guide for Barracuda RMM.

Resetting the Back-Up Policy on a Device

This is often done when the backup is not running as scheduled on a device

  • Log into Barracuda RMM Dashboard
  • Navigate to Status
  • Select Devices
  • Browse to the site in question
  • Then click on the Device out of the list
  • Scroll down to Policies
  • Click on the slider beside your Backup policy to disable it
  • Wait 30 minutes (at minimum)
  • Repeat the above steps to enable the slider
  • Allow for the policy to soak and for a backup to run
Resetting Policy for Multiple Devices

If you need to do this for more than one device, you can exclude multiple devices from the policy itself and then re-include them after the minimum 30 minutes from above.

Unlinking the ECHOplatform Integration

  • Log into the Barracuda RMM Dashboard
  • Navigate to Configuration
  • Select User Management
  • Click on the Built-in Admin Account
  • Select Unlink beside ECHOplatform Partner 
  • Fill in the CAPTCHA and click Unlink
  • Scroll to the bottom of the User Configuration page and click Save

Relinking the ECHOplatform Integration

  • If you have done the above to reset the integration, please wait 30 Minutes
  • Log into the Barracuda RMM Dashboard
  • Navigate to Configuration
  • Select User Management
  • Click on the Built-in Admin Account
  • Click on Link to ECHOplatform Partner
  • Browse in another tab/window to and log in
    • Select Preferences
    • Click on View/Edit Contact Information
      • Using this information following
        • Partner Username
        • Select the Renew Button to gain access to updated 
          • Client ID
          • Client Secret
  • Remember to Save on the User Configuration page to lock in the settings
  • Wait 30 Minutes
  • Now navigate to Configuration
  • Select Barracuda Integrations
  • Select the Site Name you want to integrate to ECHOplatform
  • Under the ECHOplatform Customer Account, choose the customer
  • Hit Save