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Device Managers are Duplicating without Device Manager Icon over VPN

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A client is being managed that has a remote office connected by VPN to the network where an Onsite Manager is managing devices. Device Managers have been installed on computers at the remote site, and now there are duplicates for these devices in Service Center. For each record that shows a Device Manager icon there is another without a Device Manager icon.

You may also be experiencing symptoms of other WMI issues for the rest of the devices that are connected to the Onsite Manager network over the VPN connection.

There are no relevant errors in the Onsite Manager or Device Manager Log files.

This behavior will occur when port 6996 is not open between the Device Managers and the Onsite Manager because it is used to determine whether or not computers are already under management.

To confirm this is the issue
  1. From the Onsite Manager Application server, open a command prompt and issue the command telnet 6996 replacing the IP address with one for a computer on the other side of the VPN.
  2. If the connection fails, the port is not open and must be configured for traffic so that device records will not be duplicated.