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Barracuda RMM
formerly Managed Workplace

Child tickets from ConnectWise do not close

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ConnectWise provides the ability to make a ticket the child of another ticket. If you do so, closing the parent ticket in ConnectWise will close the child ticket in ConnectWise, however, the associated ticket in the Service Center will not be automatically closed.

ConnectWise support has indicated that this must be resolved in the Barracuda RMM integration however, the proper process and integration between the two systems works as follows:

  1. An alert creates a Service Center ticket.
  2. Service Center checks to see if an integration should handle the ticket.
  3. Service Center tells ConnectWise to create a ticket.

    Once Service Center sends the create ticket request, it has no knowledge of what is happening with the ticket in the remote system, and is only waiting to receive a close ticket request from ConnectWise.

  4. The ConnectWise ticket is closed and a notification to close the Service Center ticket is sent.
  5. Service Center receives the close ticket command and closes the Service Center ticket.

This is working as designed and does not require any further action.