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Barracuda RMM
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How to Migrate SentinelOne from another instance to another

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With the release of Barracuda RMM 2023.1, we were happy to announce the integration of SentinelOne into the RMM platform. We have since heard from our partners that they would like to be able to migrate licenses from one instance to another. Below you will find the steps as provided to Barracuda RMM from the SentinelOne team.


  • You must have Global or Account permissions for the Agent's selected environment.
  • You must have a token for the Site on the new Console.
  • The Agent tries to connect to the new Management Console for 3 minutes. If the Agent cannot connect, it stays in the original Management Console.
  • Local configuration files are kept with the Agent. New management assets are applied after the next keep-alive communication with the new Management Console.
  • If you select an endpoint that cannot be migrated, the endpoint is skipped, but the migration runs on supported endpoints.

Migration cannot occur with:

  • Endpoints that do not meet the requirements to support migration (unsupported version or OS).
  • Endpoints with unresolved threats.
  • Endpoints in a Full Disk Scan.
    • To see the status of a Full Disk Scan, open Sentinels > Click on Endpoints and show the Full Disk Scan column.

To migrate Agents

  • In the source Management Console, select the endpoint to migrate.
    • You can select one or more endpoints, a Group or a saved filter set, or all results of a search if they show on one page. From version Tokyo GA you can run these actions on filter results that include a filter with a CSV file, even if the filter is not saved.
  • Click Actions > Agent Actions > Migrate Agent.


  • Copy the Site token for the target Site from the Sentinels> Site Info page and paste it into the site token field.


  • Click on Move.
  • Click Approve and then OK.
    • The Agent connects to the Management Console and reloads the services. If users see a message from the operating system, such as the Turn on virus protection, the Agent is not yet loaded and connected. The message will disappear when the reload and the connection is done.

To see Agent migration status in the Sentinels view:

In Sentinels > Endpoints, use the filters or the columns to see the Console Migration Status of endpoints.

  • In the Sentinels filters, scroll right to see the Console Migration Status.


  • Expand Columns to select the Console Migration Status column, or to make sure it is selected.
    • If necessary, scroll right on the Endpoints page to see the column.


  • Migration Status Values:
    • N/A - No migration command was sent. 
    • Pending - The Agent is trying to migrate. After a maximum of four minutes, the status changes to Migrated or Failed
    • Migrated - The Agent moved successfully to the new Management Console. It shows as Offline in the original Management Console. 
    • Failed - The Agent failed to move and stays in the original Management Console

Checking the Migration in the Activity Log

  • To see Agent migration in the Activity log, click Administrative > Move to another console.


Barracuda RMM Support Note

Partners can also export both the Blacklist and the Exclusions from their previous site and import them into the new site. Both can be found under the Sentinels menu.