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Barracuda Message Archiver
Barracuda Message Archiver

Configuration Backups

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This article refers to Barracuda Message Archiver firmware version 4.0 or higher.

The contents of an existing configuration backup file can be restored onto the Barracuda Message Archiver, whether the backup file was created manually or automatically. To restore a backup of all your stored email data from a data backup you made onto your network via a means as described in the article Understanding Archived Data Backup, contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support. Your raw emails and additional content (additional content available for restoration varies with firmware revision) can then be moved to your Barracuda Message Archiver from your backup by Barracuda Networks Technical Support.

From the Restoring Backups section, you can upload either a desktop backup or an automated backup for restoration.

To restore a backup file:

  1. Identify the backup file to restore:
    • Restore Backup File – Enter the path and name of a locally-available backup file. This is generally used to restore a backup saved on your local system or file share. Click Browse to navigate to the file location.
    • Restore Auto Backup – Path and name of the automatically-created backup file. Click Browse to open a window with a list of all currently available backup files currently in the location specified in the Automated Backups section.
  2. Click Upload; a confirmation screen displays a list of items in the backup file that are to be restored.
  3. Click Apply Now to begin the restoration.

If the restore is being done to transfer settings onto a new and unconfigured Barracuda Message Archiver, be sure to manually set the IP address and DNS information under BASIC > IP Configuration.

Restoring to a New Barracuda Message Archiver

If you are restoring a backup file on a new Barracuda Message Archiver that is not yet configured, you must assign your new system an IP address and DNS information on the BASIC > IP Configuration page.

Note the following about the backup file:

  • Do not edit backup files. Any configuration changes you wish to make must be done through the Web interface. The configuration backup file contains a checksum that prevents the file from being uploaded to the system if changes are made.
  • You can safely view a backup file in Windows WordPad or Microsoft Word; avoid viewing backup files in Windows Notepad because the file can become corrupted if you save the file from this application.
  • The following information is not included in the backup file:
    • System password
    • System IP information
    • DNS information
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