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Policy Alerts

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This article refers to Barracuda Message Archiver Legacy Release firmware or higher.

Policy Alerts are email notifications that are sent out whenever the Barracuda Message Archiver detects an incoming message that meets the criteria of a Saved Search. This allows you to implement and monitor policies regarding your email traffic, and identify both new and existing messages that meet the specified criteria. You can create local auditor accounts on the Barracuda Message Archiver to negate the need to create temporary users with special access in your corporate directory or email server.

Policy Alert Definitions

The Barracuda Message Archiver includes three built-in policy definitions that are updated as needed by Barracuda Central to meet the latest standards, and are distributed via Energize Updates:

  • Personal Email – This policy scans for emails sent to and from various sites known by Barracuda Networks to be non-business sites (usually recreation and gambling sites). This policy is designed to alert the administrator when company email is being used for personal and non-business matters.
  • Personal Info – This policy scans for Personally Identifiable Information such as various formats of drivers' license numbers, credit card numbers, etc.
  • Foul LanguageThis policy scans for foul language words.

In addition, you can use any Saved Search to create a new custom policy from the POLICY > Alerts page. You can also modify existing policies from this page.

When you click on a message link in a policy alert email, you must enter your Barracuda Message Archiver login credentials to view the message. Note that you are not redirected to the Barracuda Message Archiver web interface.

Administrators and auditors can choose to add themselves to the alerts list for these standard policies as well as for any custom Policy Alerts. They are then notified via email either weekly or daily, whenever messages meeting the specified criteria enter into the archive with the offending messages attached to the notification email in a .zip file.

Policy Alert Statistics

You can display a count of messages that meet the search criteria of selected Policy Alerts on the BASIC > Status page of the Barracuda Message Archiver by enabling the dashboard option when defining the Alert. In addition, you can configure a daily Policy Violations Report containing statistics on all messages that generate a Policy Alert to go out to specific recipients on the BASIC > Reports page.

Alert Notification Frequency

From the POLICY > Alerts page, configure hourly, daily, or weekly alert notifications.

Search Messages Based on a Policy

You can execute a search associated with a policy and view the results on the BASIC > Search page.


For additional configuration options, contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support.