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Release Notes

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To view Virus Definition and Security Definition updates, go to the ADVANCED > Energize Updates in the Barracuda Message Archiver web interface. Click view release notes in the associated section.

PST Collector is not available in firmware version 5.2 and newer.

What's New in Version

Security Vulnerability Fixes
  • Updated ldap connections to do host verifications. [BNMA-23081]
  • X-XSS-Protection header added for http requests. [BNMA-22335]
  • Strict-Transport-Security header added for http requests. [BNMA-22336]
  • Upgraded OpenSSL. [BNMA-24803]
  • Fixed XSS in get_share_stats.cgi. [BNMA-13763]
  • Upgraded PostgreSQL. [BNMA-28357]
  • Updated Sudo framework with enhanced security. [BNMA-14382] 
  • Fixed ClientDownloads, updated the ClientDownloads plug-in to the latest version. [BNMA-28418]
  • Fixed Outlook Add-In updates and signature verifications. [BNMA-28569]

  • Fixed archiving issue for mails with special characters. [BNMA-28568]

  • Fixed Outlook Add-In for ldap users with special characters. [BNMA-28422]

What's New in Version

  • Removed Keep on cloud option from Policy > Retention > Add Retention Policy section. For more information, see Retention Policies. [BNMA-27440]
Security Vulnerability Fixes
  • Fixed a security vulnerability, adding new forms to the "Server Alias" field in USERS -> Directory Services LDAP is not allowed. [BNMA-22558] [BNSEC-8773]

  • Fixed a security vulnerability where, in certain cases, the browser URL was not encoding the password field properly. [BNMA-18265] [BNSEC-9528]
  • Fixed a security command injection vulnerability in the reporting module. [BNMA-23259] [BNSEC-8111]

  • User is prompted to change the default password upon first login. [BNMA-22385] [BNSEC-8643]

  • Patch descriptions in the ADVANCED > Firmware Update > Firmware Patches section displays the correct external descriptions. [BNMA-24711]

  • Changing admin password in consconf now works as expected. [BNMA-21862]

  • Updated the NTP default server. [BNMA-27370]

  • Fixed a German version translation error. [BNMA-27624]
  • Fixed an issue where a deleted LDAP user was able to see all users' mail when searching in the Outlook Add-In. [BNMA-24364]
  • Upgraded Pyxint to version 6.2.250. [BNMA-26892]
  • Fixed a security command injection vulnerability in the reporting module. [BNMA-23259] [BNSEC-8111]

What's New in Version 5.3.0

  • Exchange Integration tasks now support connecting to Exchange Online using the EWS protocol. [BNMA-23475]


  • Exchange Integration nightly tasks that connect to Exchange Online now support upgrading to use EWS. To upgrade a task, click the Upgrade Connector action and select an Exchange Online source to use. [BNMA-21655]
  • On Barracuda Message Archivers equipped with iSCSI cards, iSCSI share configuration options now appear on the ADVANCED > Storage Manager page. [BNMA-24544]
  • Configuration backups over SMB now allow hidden share paths ending in a dollar sign ($). [BNMA-24548]


  • The storage limit for model 150 virtual Barracuda Message Archivers is now 1 TB, increased from 500 GB. [BNMA-21331]
  • It is now possible to update Exchange Integration actions that connect to Microsoft Exchange Online to use EWS. [BNMA-23811]
  • Exchange Integration actions connecting to Exchange Online using EWS now correctly report the number of bytes processed. [BNMA-24117]
  • Exchange Integration Non-Email Sync actions connecting to Exchange Online using EWS no longer fail when syncing an appointment item with an invalid organizer email address. [BNMA-24319]


  • Exchange Integration tasks now support connecting to Exchange Online using the EWS protocol. This improves reliability and performance of Exchange Integration tasks, also ensuring compatibility with the scheduled deprecation of Basic Authorization by Microsoft at the end of October 2020. An upcoming update will enable migrating existing configurations and tasks to use EWS. To take advantage of the improvements, create a new source configuration and tasks. [BNMA-23475]

What's New in Version 5.2.5

  • Note: The Barracuda Message Archiver mobile companion applications for iOS and Android are now deprecated. [BNMA-22945]
  • Saved searches must now include at least one search term. [BNMA-21389]


  • PST exports no longer fail when including folders. [BNMA-11848]
  • Servers added by the Automatically add Office 365 SMTP IP ranges option under MAIL SOURCES > SMTP take effect immediately. [BNMA-22831]

What's New in Version 5.2.4


  • The Directory Services page no longer fails to load in certain situations. [BNMA-22860]


  • The list of tasks on the Search page now loads properly. [BNMA-22842]


  • Closed security issues that could result in service account passwords appearing in the user interface for administrators. [BNMA-22817]

What's New in Version 5.2.3

  • Added ability to automatically whitelist Microsoft Office 365 SMTP IP ranges. [BNMA-20057]
  • Administrators can now view and search messages that were encrypted by Microsoft Office 365 and archived using SMTP journaling. [BNMA-19327]


  • The Mail/Log Storage gauge is now visible on the Dashboard. [BNMA-22690]
  • Updating firmware no longer causes Firmware Storage usage to exceed warning thresholds. [BNMA-22709]


  • Automatically trusting Microsoft Office 365 SMTP IP ranges now includes all possible addresses. [BNMA-20057]


  • Users can see their synced folders when the Barracuda Message Archiver and Microsoft Exchange are connected to different LDAP servers. Updated fix from version [BNMA-10121]


  • Barracuda Networks Support can enable LDAP address resolution to process X.500 addresses in incoming mail. [BNMA-19971]
  • Warn administrators that mail should be unstubbed before configuring cloud storage. See Unstubbing Before Configuring Cloud Storage. [BNMA-19375]
  • Barracuda Message Archiver users connected to cloud storage can now update to the current version of the Outlook Add-In. [BNMA-18586]
  • Simulated Exchange Stubbing actions now correctly appear as a simulation in the "Recent Actions" section of the MAIL SOURCES > Exchange Integration page. [BNMA-17842]
  • Exchange Imports can now import items found between two specified dates. Previously, imports could only filter on a start date or end date but not both. [BNMA-14321]
  • Update OpenSSL to current version. [BNMA-16472]
  • TLS 1.2 is now available to incoming SMTP connections. [BNMA-21599]
  • Users with the IT Admin role can now view the BASIC > IP Configuration page. [BNMA-21595]
  • Users with the IT Admin role can now modify the Configuration Backup schedule. [BNMA-20715]
  • Non-ASCII characters in inline forwarded e-mails are displayed correctly. [BNMA-15092]
  • Using the Search As feature no longer fails to retrieve results from federated Barracuda Message Archivers. This occurred when the LDAP servers on each device's USERS > Directory Services page were not added in the same order. [BNMA-21879]
  • The web server works as expected when the Outlook Add-in requests a message from Barracuda Message Archivers in a federated cluster and the message was no longer present in the archive. [BNMA-20716]
  • The Barracuda Message Archiver no longer displays an error when following links from stubbed messages in Outlook Web App. [BNMA-16046]
  • PST exports no longer fail with the generic and incorrect message ( Bad PST Password). [BNMA-21560]
  • Exchange Integration no longer tries an unsupported HTTP authentication method (Negotiate) during autodiscovery. [BNMA-21287]
  • Exchange Integration actions does not fail when they process users without a valid SMTP address. [BNMA-20741]
  • Users can see their synced folders when the Barracuda Message Archiver and Microsoft Exchange are connected to different LDAP servers. [BNMA-10121]
  • Messages on legacy external shares no longer fail to mirror to cloud storage. [BNMA-17234]
  • Message downloads from cloud storage have the correct filenames. [BNMA-13970]

What's New in Version 5.2.2

  • Admins can now see what other users are running on the Tasks tab on the BASIC > Search page. [BNMA-12131]
  • Admins can manually run retention policies at any time from the ADVANCED > Expert Variables page. [BNMA-8633]


  • Global Catalog Server option is accessible when manually creating an Exchange Integration server configuration. [BNMA-21282]


  • Admins doing exports using the Search As feature are shown the export folders option. [BNMA-21246]


  • The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service now displays the download window for exports correctly. [BNMA-20970]


  • A notification no longer appears when the Barracuda Message Archiver cannot check for mobile app updates. [BNMA-20909]


  • Improved retry logic for Exchange Integration. [BNMA-19542]
  • Improved logic for connecting Exchange Integration jobs if the Autodiscover options are invalid. [BNMA-20053]
  • Improved retry logic for Exchange Integration jobs that failed entirely but also had failed users. [BNMA-19910]
  • Improved Exchange Integration Autodiscovery retry logic. [BNMA-19660]
  • Added support for BDAT verb during SMTP journaling. [BNMA-16273]
  • Admins can choose to include folder data in exports when using the Search As feature. [BNMA-4831]
  • The web interface and client web server continue to be available when the Barracuda Message Archiver cannot check for updates to clients due to firewall configuration. [BNMA-20571]
  • Prevent displaying exports on federated Barracuda Message Archiver units if they do not contain any data. [BNMA-20490]
  • Reboot after firmware update on virtual machines created from version5.0.0.018-20160814works as expected. [BNMA-19960]
  • System drives no longer fill to capacity when a Storage Mirror goes offline. [BNMA-19393]
  • Admins can now delete journal accounts if the configured server is unavailable. [BNMA-20464]
  • Exchange Integration successfully logs into Exchange when multiple HTTP challenges are presented during one attempt. [BNMA-19766]
  • Exchange integration tasks against Exchange environments with heavy named MIME header usage work as expected. [BNMA-19750]
  • Export filenames on federated units do not replace special characters with underscores. [BNMA-18263]
  • Exports with special characters in their filenames correctly download from federated units. [BNMA-18042]
  • Self-signed certificate generation creates valid files. [BNMA-18280]
  • If authentication is disabled for stub retrieval and reporting, the report's attachments are downloaded without authenticating. [BNMA-16105]
  • The Barracuda Message Archiver does not display an error following links from stubbed messages in Outlook Web App. [BNMA-16046]
  • Retrieving a stubbed attachment containing special characters in the filename works as expected. [BNMA-15522]
  • The filter copying an Exchange Integration job that targets specific folders and/or Personal Archives is correct. [BNMA-19742]
  • Non-ASCII characters in stubbed message bodies display correctly. [BNMA-19685]
  • Disabling NFS backups on the ADVANCED > Backup tab correctly disables the NFS share. [BNMA-19682]
  • Distribution groups added to a user's whitelist no longer expand to include all members of the group. [BNMA-16297]
  • The search engine correctly rejects non-existent dates. e.g., February 31st. [BNMA-19643]
  • Retention policy changes are displayed in the audit log. [BNMA-19595]
  • Exchange Integration is verified on firmware update to avoid jobs failing after the update. [BNMA-19391]
  • Advanced Folder filter is not removed when editing the nightly Exchange Integration server configuration task. [BNMA-19344]
  • Email attachments of type multipart/appledouble process correctly without corruption. [BNMA-19145]
  • Configuration backups to the cloud fail as expected. [BNMA-17972]
  • The Barracuda Message Archiver dashboard loads in Chilean time zones. [BNMA-17206]

What's New in Version 5.2.1

  • Failed Exchange Integration jobs include an option to retry those mailboxes. [BNMA-19298]


  • Exchange Integration tasks report skipped users separately from users with errors. Any user with errors causes the job to be reported as failed. [BNMA-17762] [BNMA-10558]
  • Exchange Integration can import from public folders in Exchange 2013 and newer, including Exchange Online. [BNMA-12512] [BNMA-14219] [BNMA-14518]
  • Exchange Integration automatically detects NTLM authentication during autodiscovery. [BNMA-16040]
  • Exchange Integration server setup requires a username in addition to an email address. [BNMA-19066]
  • Improved Exchange Integration error handling and retry logic. [BNMA-18898] [BNMA-19038] [BNMA-19542] [BNMA-19572]
  • Failed Exchange Integration tasks include a full report in addition to the reason for failure. [BNMA-19427]
  • RSS items are classified as skipped instead of failed. [BNMA-14698]
  • Improved reliability of opening search results in the Outlook Add-In. [BNMA-19547]
  • Retry Exchange Integration jobs if the Exchange certificate is invalid or cannot be verified. [BNMA-14774]
  • Exchange Integration job failure reports are not sent erroneously. [BNMA-15391]
  • Exchange Integration jobs are successful even if the service account has a different mail domain than user mailboxes. [BNMA-18730]
  • Conversation History folders are not skipped during Exchange Import if their container class was set incorrectly. [BNMA-18098]
  • Exchange Integration job reports display correctly when both users and items failed to process. [BNMA-14682]
  • Exchange Integration jobs do not fail when using an alias of a service account to log into Exchange. [BNMA-13462]
  • Canceling Exchange Integration jobs are successful if done shortly after the job started. [BNMA-19178]
  • Exchange Integration jobs with a folder filter do not exclude users from the report if they had no matching folders. [BNMA-14703]
  • Exchange import jobs no longer unexpectedly skip an item and report it as failed. [BNMA-19052]
  • Importing Personal Archives from a user without a Personal Archive store clearly reports the reason the import failed. [BNMA-13412]
  • Exchange Integration autodiscovery does not hang if redirected to a new email address. [BNMA-19484]
  • Firmware updates install as expected. [BNMA-12317]
  • Data on legacy external shares rotate to the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service successfully. [BNMA-17234]
  • Automated Configuration backups allow slashes in the Folder/Path field. [BNMA-12465]
  • Outlook Instant Search Integration does not crash Outlook on startup. [BNMA-18723] [BNMA-19520]
  • Removing a Local User deletes the local user account successfully. [BNMA-17814]
  • The Barracuda Message Archiver reboots properly after changing the timezone and clicking Save. [BNMA-17207]
  • Emails with invalid dates are handled correctly. [BNMA-16965]

What's New in Version 5.2.0


  • Email Import or Email Stubbing from Exchange 2010 attachments are not corrupted when archived. [BNMA-19619]


  • Large PST exports do not fail. [BNMA-18726]
  • Reboot does not cause recent configuration changes to get lost. [BNMA-18673]
  • Messages display correctly after being stubbed. [BNMA-18737]
  • Email Import or Email Stubbing does not truncate large messages. [BNMA-18891]
  • Improved stability of Email Import and Email Stubbing from Exchange. [BNMA-18915]

Customers with previously stubbed messages using firmware version 5.2 might experience issues with Exchange stub links. Contact  Barracuda Networks Technical Support for more information.


  • Successfully separate two Barracuda Message Archiver units clustered in a mirroring configuration. [BNMA-18268]


  • Messages imported using Exchange Integration display Barracuda Cloud Control recipients correctly. [BNMA-17861]
  • Header indicating (Not All Results Shown) appears when not all results are shown during Barracuda Archive Search for Outlook. [BNMA-17270]


  • Added initial setup wizard to streamline first-time configurations. [BNMA-15313]
  • Exchange Integration tasks automatically attempt more retries after some failures. [BNMA-17318]
  • New group policy option to set a date range when automatically adding users' archive stores after Outlook Add-In installation. [BNMA-16268]
  • New group policy option to remove email from Outlook after using archiving in the Outlook Add-In. [BNMA-15375]
  • New option to require users to log in before viewing stubbed mail and messages linked from reports (default: Yes). [BNMA-16061]
  • Added Save Attachments option when right-clicking search results in the Outlook Add-In. [BNMA-16841]
  • Added Log Out All Clients option on USERS > Client Downloads page to let admins terminate Outlook Add-In and mobile app sessions. [BNMA-12691]
  • Outlook Add-In searches return the first 1,000 results in all cases. [BNMA-16208]
  • Retention message removals are successful. [BNMA-15704]
  • Multiple Barracuda Message Archiver units clustered in a mirroring configuration can sync messages already present on both units. [BNMA-15365]
  • Users are able to download attachments. [BNMA-16363]
  • Virtual Barracuda Message Archiver units do not reach 100% firmware storage usage during normal operation. [BNMA-16510]
  • After certain Exchange Integration task failures, further tasks start as expected. [BNMA-15990]
  • Opening stubs and search results from the Outlook Add-In work as expected. [BNMA-16292]
  • After configuring a Barracuda Message Archiver as a mirror of another, the relationship is copied to the second appliance. [BNMA-16511]
  • Nightly configuration backups to SMB shares are successful. [BNMA-16209]
  • Changes made to the Trusted SMTP Servers setting via Bulk Edit are saved. [BNMA-14732]
  • Nightly Email Sync tasks with the Process Personal Archives option work as expected. [BNMA-14830]
  • Stubbing messages generated by equipment such as network-connected scanners are successful. [BNMA-11665]
  • When replying to a stubbed message in Outlook, the sent item is retained. [BNMA-16406]

What's New in Version 5.1.1


  • Connect to Barracuda Networks Support for troubleshooting. [BNMA-13167]
  • Configuration syncing successful when setting up a mirroring cluster. [BNMA-16255]


  • Users are able to view stubbed attachments after logging in. [BNMA-15945]
  • Configuration backups to SMB shares are successful. [BNMA-15856]


  • Usernames with non-ASCII characters can log in. [BNMA-15732]
  • Added security update to mitigate CVE-2017-11103. [BNMA-15833]


  • Added security update to mitigate CVE-2017-7494. [BNMA-15614]
  • Configuration backups in the Barracuda Cloud are allowed. [BNMA-15631]


  • Exchange Integration tasks start successfully. [BNMA-15554]


  • Links from policy digest emails require explicit authentication. [BNMA-12007]
  • Improved certificate verification process in Outlook Add-In and Stand-Alone Search Utility. [BNMA-14826]
  • Improved accuracy in de-duplicating stubbed copies of previously journaled mail. [BNMA-14374]
  • PST exports with downloads larger than 3GB are successfully processed. [BNMA-15116]
  • Connections to Exchange Servers in some address ranges work for cloud-connected appliances. [BNMA-13923]
  • Users with the IT Admin rule can use the Search As feature with LDAP authentication. [BNMA-15296]
  • Saved searches stored on federated Barracuda Message Archiver units load successfully. [BNMA-15275]
  • List with group members are expanded for mail sent to aliases of distribution groups. [BNMA-13557]
  • Email alerts for Scheduled Exports are turned off if export policies are not configured. [BNMA-15193]
  • Activating Cloud Storage is successful after user authentication. [BNMA-14174]

What's New in Version 5.1.0


  • The Dashboard page loads successfully. [BNMA-14852]


  • Added support for SMTP journaled items from Amazon WorkMail. [BNMA-14782]
  • Users with non-ASCII characters in DNs can log in. [BNMA-14772]


  • Exporting mail with multiple PSTs generate the correct number of download links. [BNMA-14686]


  • Restoring a configuration backup works as expected. [BNMA-14638]


  • Users with Admin role can download Cloud exports. [BNMA-14535]


  • Added support for additional fields while searching Archived Mail stores using the Outlook Add-In. [BNMA-13733]
  • Improved reliability of mirroring between Barracuda Message Archiver units. [BNMA-13965]
  • Added Other category to Message Statistics on the BASIC > Dashboard page. [BNMA-12949]
  • Added Unicode support in export filenames. [BNMA-12574]
  • Users with the IT Admin role can configure the ADVANCED > Cloud Storage page. [BNMA-10373]
  • Users with the IT Admin role can configure trusted mail servers on the MAIL SOURCES > SMTP page. [BNMA-14112]
  • Delegated stores correctly identified when the Shared Mailboxes setting is enabled for LDAP servers. [BNMA-11901]
  • Exchange Integration tasks work as expected. [BNMA-14101]
  • Syncing Archived Mail stores using the Outlook Add-In works under normal system load. [BNMA-11283]
  • Syncing an Archived Mail store for a delegated mailbox using the Outlook Add-In works as expected. [BNMA-11890]

What's New in Version 5.0

  • Outlook Instant Search: When enabled, searching an Archiver store in Outlook searches all archived mail. [BNMA-8189]

  • Office 365 Integration: Perform historical imports directly from Microsoft Exchange Online.

  • Browse assigned PSTs: Users with assigned PSTs can browse their contents regardless of message sender or recipients.

  • Folder Sync for Sent Items subfolders: Exchange Folder Sync includes Sent Items subfolders.

Version 5.0.1

  • Improved Exchange Integration task performance. [BNMA-13536]
  • Viewing stubbed messages works as expected. [BNMA-13476]
  • RAID log files do not fill up the disk. [BNMA-13455]


  • Search results are accurate when specifying a filter in the LDAP server configuration. [BNMA-13398]


  • Task processing does not interfere with a smart host failure during message forwarding. [BNMA-13221]

  • SNMP configuration can be saved. [BNMA-12731]


  • Searching as LDAP users from the Outlook Add-In or mobile apps return correct search results. [BNMA-13184] 

  • Requests successful during concurrent Store Sync connections. [BNMA-13167]


  • Messages with addresses present in message headers but not in the envelope are included from search results. [BNMA-10141] 

  • Policy alerts are sent to customers using locales other than English. [BNMA-11904] 

  • The BASIC > Dashboard page loads correctly after exiting Daylight Saving Time / Summer Time in Brazil and continental Chile. [BNMA-11109]

What's New in Version 4.1

  • Exchange Autodiscovery automatically discovers server settings for Exchange Integration jobs.

  • Personal Archive Import imports personal archives from Exchange.

  • Import Skype for Business (Lync) messages from Exchange Conversation History folders and Lync Archiving Databases.


  • Exchange Integration jobs work as expected. [BNMA-12724]


  • Exporting messages in Cloud Storage from the Barracuda Message Archiver observes the Preserve Journal Wrappers setting. [BNMA-10596]

  • Self-signed certificate verification for Exchange Integration works correctly. [BNMA-12665]


  • Added icons for replied and forwarded messages to the Outlook Add-In. [BNMA-8708]
  • Cloud Storage rate control settings do not restrict traffic more than requested. [BNMA-12092]

  • Some errors related to SMB shares no longer cause firmware storage to become full. [BNMA-12039] [BNMA-11487]

  • CIFS mirror shares with usernames that included domains can connect after rebooting. [BNMA-8356]

  • Signed messages imported from a PST is not corrupted. [BNMA-12109]

  • A large number of search filters do not cause excessive memory usage. [BNMA-11434]

  • Auditors who inherit their role from an LDAP group see the correct search results. [BNMA-11199]

What's New in Version 4.0.1


  • Added Cloud Storage queue length to the BASIC > Status page. [BNMA-11939]
  • Search result count matches the displayed results when searching multiple sources. [BNMA-11846]
  • Large numbers of PSTs do not increase Search page loading time. [BNMA-11881]
  • Search results for built-in policies are correct for locales other than English. [BNMA-11921]
  • High severity vulnerability resolved (unauthenticated local file include). [BNSEC-5672] [BNMA-12028]


  • Updated OpenSSL to address issues reported in OpenSSL's security advisory dated2015-03-19.[BNMA-11878]


  • Forwarding messages from the iOS and Android apps successful for users without permission to forward all search results. [BNMA-11343]
  • Store Sync successful and does not increase system load for some folder types. [BNMA-11556]
  • Automatic backups to an SMB share works as expected. [BNMA-10991]
  • Folder structure preserved in PST exports. [BNMA-11652]

What's New in Version 4.0 

  • Cloud Storage: Rotate or mirror data from the Barracuda Message Archiver to Cloud Storage.

    • Saved search rotation policies will rotate messages to the Cloud after a defined duration.
    • Mirror all content on the Barracuda Message Archiver to Cloud Storage.
    • Configure saved search retention policies for both the Barracuda Message Archiver and Cloud Storage.
    • Search, Export and Forward mail from the Barracuda Message Archiver and Cloud Storage.
    • The Outlook Add-In can now search both the Barracuda Message Archiver and Cloud Storage.
  • Federated Search: Connect multiple Barracuda Message Archiver units with different data sets together.

    • Search, Export and Forward messages from any federated Barracuda Message Archiver.
    • Connect the Outlook Add-In to any federated Barracuda Message Archiver and retrieve messages from all other appliances.
  • New User Interface: The Barracuda Message Archiver new web interface is cleaner with a new color scheme.

  • Cloud Relay Service: Relay journaled mail from Google Apps and Office 365 to the Barracuda Message Archiver.


  • Large exports run overnight as expected. [BNMA-11355]


  • Searching shared mailboxes from the Outlook Add-In work correctly. [BNMA-11138]

  • Increased time out for certain searches to run successfully. [BNMA-11047]

  • Folder browsing/searching across federated Barracuda Message Archiver units work correctly. [BNMA-11061]

  • Added counts for PIM items to the Cloud Status page. [BNMA-10497]


  • Added support for Perfect Forward Secrecy when using HTTPS access for the Barracuda Message Archiver web interface. See the ADVANCED > Secure Administration page to properly configure SSL certificates. [BNMA-11077]

  • On the BASIC > Search page, selecting a folder in a Shared Mailbox works as expected. [BNMA-11022]

  • The Email Archive Report reflects correct date ranges when emailed or displayed immediately. [BNMA-9339]

  • Updated OpenSSL to address the issues reported in OpenSSL's security advisory dated2014-10-15.[BNMA-11075]


  • SSLv3 disabled for the web interface to mitigate CVE-2014-3566 (SSL POODLE). [BNMA-11068]


  • Forwarded emails with attached messages can be opened in mail clients such as Outlook. [BNMA-10983]

  • Local search results display correctly even when the connection to a federated Barracuda Message Archiver or Cloud Storage fails. [BNMA-10924]

  • Searches with Unicode content execute properly on federated Barracuda Message Archiver units. [BNMA-10322]

  • Searches for users on secondary LDAP servers execute properly on federated Barracuda Message Archiver units. [BNMA-10936]


  • Long PST exports complete successfully. [BNMA-8538]

  • Auditors can run searches when a saved search filter is set. [BNMA-9748]

  • Searches with large result sets return results successfully. [BNMA-8661]

  • Zip exports have correct headers when virus scanning is enabled. [BNMA-10111]

  • Mail sent to distribution lists in a user's whitelist show up on the search page. [BNMA-9775]

  • Searching the Sent Items folder in a PST through the Outlook Add-In return correct results. [BNMA-10422]

What's New in Version 3.6

  • PST Collector Deployment for firmware 3.6.
  • Mac OS X Stand-Alone Search Utility.
  • Export Search Results to CSV: All messages found by the current search are listed in a downloadable CSV.
  • Nightly Exchange Import: Operation is scheduled to run every evening.

What's New in Version 3.5

  • Shared Mailbox Support: Search shared mailboxes, and sync shared mailboxes to an offline store in Outlook.
  • New Mail Forwarding Options: Forward as an attachment, inline, or resend to your own mailbox.
  • Improved Microsoft Exchange Server Integration:
  • Archived Item Category: Specify whether to apply a category to items archived or stubbed by the Outlook Add-In.
  • Role and User Management
  • Export Messages to Barracuda Copy: Export messages to Barracuda Copy as either a ZIP or PST file.
  • Export the Audit Log to a .csv file.
  • Set hourly Policy Alert notifications.
  • Dual-NIC and static routes available on Barracuda Message Archiver model 650 and above.
  • Archived Data Recovery: Raw emails and metadata snapshot backup provides for rapid recovery in the event the data partition needs to be restored.
  • Barracuda Cloud Relay Service Configuration for G Suite.
  • Barracuda Cloud Relay Service Configuration for Office 365 Mail Service. 
  • High Availability now synchronizes common configuration settings.
  • Keyword Expressions: Construct complex queries in Advanced Search using proximity and fuzzy search syntax forms.
  • Updated iPhone and iPad, Android, and Macintosh OS X applications.
    • Mobile Apps Support Email Address: Specify an email address to receive support queries from mobile application users.

      • Firmware version 3.5 requires version 2.0 or later of the Barracuda Message Archiver Mobile App for Android, available for download from the Google Play Store.
      • Android phone or tablet running software version 4.0 or greater.
      • Firmware version 3.5 requires version 3.5.0 (or later) of the Barracuda Message Archiver Mobile App for iOS, available for download from iTunes.
      • The Barracuda Message Archiver Mobile App for iOS requires iOS 5.1  or later.
      • Access for both Android and iOS mobile apps now requires an SSL  connection to the Barracuda Message Archiver. If you are using one of  the mobile apps from outside of your company network, your network  administrator may need to update firewall/port-forwarding rules for  secure access.