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Step 1 - How to Install the Barracuda Message Archiver

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This article refers to Barracuda Message Archiver Legacy Release firmware or higher.

For detailed specifications and back panel illustrations by device, see:

Deployment Options
Before installation, determine the best type of deployment for your Barracuda Message Archiver; refer to the Deployment section for a list of options.

Verify Equipment

Verify you have the necessary equipment: 

  • Barracuda Message Archiver (check that you have received the correct model)
  • AC power cord (included)
  • Ethernet cables
  • VGA monitor (recommended)
  • USB keyboard (recommended)
    Optionally, PS2 keyboard input is available on models 150-450

Connect to Network

  1. Fasten the Barracuda Message Archiver to a standard 19-inch rack or other stable location.

    Do not block the cooling vents located on the front and rear of the unit.

  2. Connect a CAT5 or a CAT6 Ethernet cable from your network switch to the Ethernet port on the back of the Barracuda Message Archiver.
  3. Connect the following to your Barracuda Message Archiver:
    • Power cord
    • VGA monitor
    • USB/PS2 keyboard
  4. After you connect the AC power cord, the Barracuda Message Archiver may power on for a few seconds and then power off; this behavior is normal.
  5. Press the Power button located on the front of the unit.
    The administrative console login prompt displays on the monitor, and the power light on the front of the Barracuda Message Archiver turns on.

Continue with Step 2 - Optional Configuration Settings.