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Understanding Archived Data Backup

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This article refers to Barracuda Message Archiver firmware 5.1.1 or higher.

In the event of a catastrophe, backed up data partition content can be quickly restored. Back up the raw email data including .zip files present on the data partition as well as data directories that house statistics, index, and other metadata snapshots the Barracuda Message Archiver generates for content.

While use of the Storage Manager/Mirror capability (Advanced > Storage Manager page) will push a real-time copy of raw emails to a customer data share, metadata snapshots are not mirrored. You must back up this content by connecting to the Barracuda Message Archiver’s read-only SMB share. Metadata content is available for Mirroring in a future point release of the firmware.

To fully realize this restoration method, you must consistently back up the following:

  • Raw Email data:
    • *.zip (1GB-sized message archives)
    • <nnn>/ (directory containing recently received emails, not yet merged into a .zip)
  • Snapshots of Metadata:
    • FolderSync (snapshot of foldersync data)
    • index (snapshot of archives of index metadata)
    • index_backup (snapshot of the entire index)
    • ldap_cache (snapshot of ldap group information)
    • log (snapshot of important system information)
    • postgres_backup (snapshot of system databases)

Because snapshots are performed nightly, in the event that data restoration is necessary, typically only raw emails arriving in the last day must be reprocessed.