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How to Set Up Email Encryption and Archival

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This article applies to the Barracuda Message Archiver firmware version 5.0 and higher, and the Barracuda Email Security Gateway.

You can encrypt and archive journaled email by partnering the Barracuda Email Security Gateway and the Barracuda Message Archiver.


Before getting started, verify that you have the following deployed and running in your environment:


Upon activating archived mail encryption, the Barracuda Email Security Gateway periodically contacts the Barracuda Message Center for new mail sent or received for your domain. To ensure a secure outbound connection and delivery of email to the Barracuda Message Archiver, port 4234 (Outbound TCP) must be open on the firewall or for the Barracuda Email Security Gateway. The hostname for port 4234 is encrypt-api.cudasvc.com.

Define Encryption Policies

Encryption is configured at the domain level while an encryption policy is configured at the global level, for example, by sender domain or email address. Global encryption policies apply to all domains from which encrypted email messages are sent.  From the Block/Accept page in the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, specify the outbound encryption rules for global system-managed filtering including:

  • Content Filtering – Specify message delivery filtering based on expressions
  • Custom Content Filters – Filter based on subject line, message headers, message body and attachment file type
  • Attachment Filters – Block, quarantine, encrypt, or redirect outbound messages based on patterns or file extensions
  • Predefined DLP and HIPAA Compliance Filters – Filter based on predefined data leakage patterns as specified on the Block/Accept > Content Filters page

Activate Encrypted Mail Archiving

Use the following steps to specify encrypted email archival on the Barracuda Message Archiver:

  1. Log into the Barracuda Email Security Gateway as the administrator, and go to the Basic > Administration page. 
  2. In the Email Encryption Service section, enter an email address in the Valid Test Email Address field to test encryption, and enter the Barracuda Message Archiver IP address in the associated field.
  3. Specify any additional Email Encryption Service settings, and then click Save.
  4. Log into the Barracuda Message Archiver as the administrator, and go to Mail Sources > SMTP page.
  5. In the SMTP Forwarding Settings section, set Enable SMTP Forwarding to Yes:
  6. In the Trusted SMTP Servers section, add the Barracuda Email Security Gateway IP address. Click Add, and then click Save.

Verify Inbound and Outbound Email Archival

  1. Log into the Barracuda Email Security Gateway as the administrator, and go to the Basic > Administration page.
  2. In the Email Encryption Service section, click Test Encryption Connection. The recipient will receive a notification once the test email is available in the Barracuda Message Center.
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