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How to Deploy Barracuda Message Archiver Vx on Microsoft Hyper-V

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This article refers to Barracuda Message Archiver Legacy Release firmware or higher.

 This article applies to Barracuda Message Archiver Vx and Microsoft Hyper-V 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, and 2016.

Use the OVF file ending in  -5x. ovf for this hypervisor .

  1. Go to, and select Message Archiver from the Products drop-down menu.
  2. Click Models/Editions, and select Virtual from the Deployment options drop-down menu.
  3. Click Free Eval  Unit or Purchase, fill out the form, and submit your request.
  4. An email is sent to the specified email address.
  5. Follow the instructions in the email to download and extract the Barracuda Message Archiver Vx .zip archive to a location that can be accessed from a machine running Hyper-V.

    If you are running Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2, launch the WinServerSetup.bat file located in the BarracudaMessageArchiver-vm<version#>-fw<firmware#>-<version-date>-hyperv folder that was expanded as part of the archive. This batch file corrects a compatibility issue and takes less than a minute to run. If you are running a different version of Windows Server, you can skip this step.

  6. In Hyper-V Manager, right-click your VM host and select Import Virtual Machine, and then click Next:
    view addin.png 
  7. Navigate to the HyperV folder within the extracted BarracudaMessageArchiver -vm<version>-fw<firmware>-<version-date>-hyperv folder; click Next.
  8. Select the virtual machine to import:
  9. Click Next. Select the import type as Copy the virtual machine (create a new unique ID):
  10. Click Next. Select the default location for configuration files, storage, and network settings for VHD, or define custom settings, and then click Next.
  11. Click Finish. Before booting the virtual machine, expand the virtual disk settings and define memory and processor settings.
  12. Select the Barracuda Message Archiver disk under IDE Controller 0, and click Edit:
  13. Click Next and select Expand:
    For disks larger than 2TB, refer to this guide from Microsoft and follow the steps to convert your VHD volume to a VHDX volume.
  14. Click Next. Enter the size of your new disk based on the following table:

    ModelStorage Capacity
    150 Vx500 GB
    350 Vx2 TB
    450 Vx4 TB
    650 Vx8 TB
    850 Vx18 TB
    950 Vx28 TB
    1050 Vx66 TB
  15. Click Finish. The Barracuda Message Archiver Vx installation is performed on the machine:
  16. Hyper-V is notified that the VHD file needs to be expanded; a prompt to expand the disk displays during installation:

Activate the Virtual Appliance

  1. Access the configuration menu using the credentials admin / admin, and specify network settings to activate the virtual machine:
  2. Enter the unique token provided by Barracuda to activate the Vx appliance:
  3. Once you save the settings, the appliance is provisioned and requires a restart to finish activation:
  4. After the Vx appliance reboots, log in with username admin and password, which is either:
    • The numeric part of the serial number if your Vx preboot version is 4.6.1 or higher. To find the preboot version, check the  name of downloaded Vx image (zip file) which is something like The text between "vm" and "-fw" in the filename is the preboot version. In this example, it is 4.6.1. The serial number of your Vx is in your invoice and in your VM Setup email. 
    • The word "admin" if your Vx preboot version is below 4.6.1.
      For help finding the serial number of your virtual appliance, see Serial Number for Hardware and Virtual Appliances.
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