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Release Notes Version 4.0.x

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New Features

  • Cloud Storage: Rotate or mirror data from the Message Archiver to Cloud Storage.

    • Saved search rotation policies will rotate messages to the Cloud after a defined duration.
    • Mirror all content on the Message Archiver to Cloud Storage.
    • Configure saved search retention policies for both the Message Archiver and Cloud Storage.
    • Search, Export and Forward mail from the Message Archiver and Cloud Storage.
    • The Outlook Add-In can now search both the Message Archiver and Cloud Storage.
  • Federated Search: Connect multiple Message Archivers with different data sets together.

    • Search, Export and Forward messages from any federated Message Archiver.
    • Connect the Outlook Add-In to any federated Message Archiver and retrieve messages from all other appliances.
  • New User Interface: The new Message Archiver web interface is cleaner with a new color scheme.

  • Cloud Relay Service: Relay journaled mail from Google Apps and Office 365 to the Message Archiver.


  • Fix: Large exports failed when running overnight. [BNMA-11355]


  • Fix: Searching shared mailboxes from the Outlook Add-In did not work correctly. [BNMA-11138]

  • Fix: Certain searches could time out unexpectedly, producing an empty result set. [BNMA-11047]

  • Fix: Folder browsing/searching across federated Message Archivers did not work correctly. [BNMA-11061]

  • Fix: Added counts for PIM items to the Cloud Status page. [BNMA-10497]


  • Fix: On the BASIC > Search page, selecting a folder in a Shared Mailbox had no effect. [BNMA-11022]

  • Fix: The Email Archive Report would reflect different date ranges when emailed or displayed immediately. [BNMA-9339]

  • Fix: Updated OpenSSL to address the issues reported in OpenSSL's security advisory dated 2014-10-15. [BNMA-11075]

  • Enhancement: Added support for Perfect Forward Secrecy when using HTTPS access for the Barracuda Message Archiver web interface. This requires using properly configured SSL certificates. See the ADVANCED > Secure Administration page to configure certificates. [BNMA-11077]


  • Fix: SSLv3 has been disabled for the web interface to mitigate CVE-2014-3566 (SSL POODLE). [BNMA-11068]


  • Fix: Forwarded emails with attached messages could not be opened in a mail client such as Outlook. [BNMA-10983]

  • Fix: Local search results could be truncated when the connection to a federated Barracuda Message Archiver or Cloud Storage failed. [BNMA-10924]

  • Fix: Searches with Unicode content would fail to execute on federated Barracuda Message Archiver units. [BNMA-10322]

  • Fix: Searches for users on secondary LDAP servers would fail to execute on federated Barracuda Message Archiver units. [BNMA-10936]


  • Fix: Long PST exports could fail to complete. [BNMA-8538]

  • Fix: Searches failed for auditors when a saved search filter was set. [BNMA-9748]

  • Fix: Searches with large result sets could fail to return results on slow connections. [BNMA-8661]

  • Fix: Zip exports inserted incorrect headers when virus scanning was enabled. [BNMA-10111]

  • Fix: Mail sent to distribution lists wasn't found when the distribution list appeared in a user's whitelist. [BNMA-9775]

  • Fix: Searching the Sent Items folder in a PST through the Outlook Add-In returned incorrect results. [BNMA-10422]


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