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Release Notes Version 5.0.x

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To view Virus Definition and Security Definition updates, go to the ADVANCED > Energize Updates page in the Barracuda Message Archiver web interface, and click view release notes in the associated section.


New Features

  • Outlook Instant Search: When enabled, searching an Archiver store in Outlook searches all archived mail. [BNMA-8189]

  • Office 365 Integration: Perform historical imports directly from Microsoft Exchange Online.

  • Browse assigned PSTs: Users with assigned PSTs may browse their contents regardless of message sender or recipients.

  • Folder Sync for Sent Items subfolders: Exchange Folder Sync includes Sent Items subfolders.

Version 5.0.1

  • Fix: Viewing stubbed messages can fail. [BNMA-13476]
  • Fix: Disk can fill up with RAID log files. [BNMA-13455]

  • Enhancement: Improved Exchange Integration task performance. [BNMA-13536]


  • Fix: Specifying a filter in the LDAP server configuration could cause inaccurate search results. [BNMA-13398]


  • Fix: Smart host failure during message forwarding could interfere with task processing. [BNMA-13221]

  • Fix: SNMP configuration could not be saved. [BNMA-12731]


  • Fix: Searching as LDAP users from the Outlook Add-In or mobile apps could fail to return results. [BNMA-13184] 

  • Fix: Many concurrent Store Sync connections could result in requests failing. [BNMA-13167]


  • Fix: Messages with addresses present in message headers but not in the envelope were excluded from search results for those addresses. [BNMA-10141] 

  • Fix: Policy alerts could fail to send for customers using locales other than English. [BNMA-11904] 

  • Fix: The BASIC > Dashboard page could fail to load after exiting Daylight Saving Time / Summer Time in Brazil and continental Chile. [BNMA-11109]


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