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Firmware Upgrade Policy

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Verify you are running at least the Legacy Release firmware. Firmware versions older than the latest Legacy Release are not supported.

Firmware version 5.1.1 or higher is required for Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service connectivity.

Energize Updates

Barracuda Message Archiver requires an Energize Updates subscription for firmware upgrades and Technical Support.

If your Energize Updates Subscription expires, contact Barracuda Networks Sales to renew your subscriptions.

Firmware Release Example

Note that the information listed in the table below may not be current. Go to the Advanced > Firmware Update page in the web interface for the latest firmware availability.

Major FirmwareLatest Maintenance ReleaseFirmware Upgrade
Version Release
Version Release
Version Release

Early Release firmware is subject to partial testing. Be aware of the risks before upgrading as firmware versions cannot be reverted.