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Release Notes Version 5.1.1.x

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To view Virus Definition and Security Definition updates, go to the ADVANCED > Energize Updates page in the Barracuda Message Archiver web interface, and click view release notes in the associated section.

New Features


  • Fix: Connecting to Barracuda Support for troubleshooting could fail. [BNMA-13167]

  • Fix: Configuration syncing failed when setting up a mirroring cluster. [BNMA-16255]


  • Fix: Some users encountered errors viewing stubbed attachments. [BNMA-15945]

  • Fix: Configuration backups to SMB shares failed when SMB1 was disabled. [BNMA-15856]


  • Fix: Some users encountered errors logging in. [BNMA-15732]
  • Fix: Security update to mitigate CVE-2017-11103. [BNMA-15833]


  • Fix: Security update to mitigate CVE-2017-7494. [BNMA-15614]
  • Fix: Configuration backups in the Barracuda Cloud did not appear in the list of backups to restore. [BNMA-15631]


  • Fix: Exchange Integration tasks could fail to start. [BNMA-15554]


  • Enhancement: Links from policy digest emails now require explicit authentication. [BNMA-12007]
  • Enhancement: Improvements to the certificate verification process in Outlook Add-In and Stand-Alone Search Utility. [BNMA-14826]
  • Enhancement: Improved accuracy deduplicating stubbed copies of previously journaled mail. [BNMA-14374]
  • Fix: Items could be missing from PST exports that resulted in downloads larger than 3 GB. [BNMA-15116]
  • Fix: Connections to Exchange Servers in some address ranges could fail for cloud-connected appliances. [BNMA-13923]
  • Fix: Users with the IT Admin rule can now use the Search As feature when authenticated via LDAP. [BNMA-15296]
  • Fix: Saved searches stored on federated Barracuda Message Archivers could fail to load. [BNMA-15275]
  • Fix: Group members were not expanded for mail sent to aliases of distribution groups. [BNMA-13557]
  • Fix: Spurious warning emails could be sent for Scheduled Exports when no export policies were configured. [BNMA-15193]
  • Fix: Activating cloud storage could fail after entering valid credentials. [BNMA-14174]


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