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Release Notes Version 5.2.x

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To view Virus Definition and Security Definition updates, go to the ADVANCED > Energize Updates page in the Barracuda Message Archiver web interface, and click view release notes in the associated section.

Note that PST Collector is not available in firmware version 5.2 and newer.


New Feature

  • Retry Failed Users: Exchange Integration jobs that fail to process some users now include an option to retry those mailboxes. [BNMA-19298]

  • Enhancement: Exchange Integration tasks report skipped users separately from users with errors. Any user with errors now causes the job to be reported as failed. [BNMA-10558]
  • Enhancement: Exchange Integration tasks report skipped items separately from items with errors. [BNMA-17762]
  • Enhancement: RSS items are now classified as skipped instead of failed. [BNMA-14698]
  • Enhancement: Failed Exchange Integration tasks now include a full report in addition to the reason for failure. [BNMA-19427]
  • Enhancement: Improved reliability of opening search results in the Outlook Add-In. [BNMA-19547]
  • Enhancement: Exchange Integration can now import from public folders in Exchange 2013 and newer, including Exchange Online. [BNMA-12512] [BNMA-14219] [BNMA-14518]
  • Enhancement: Exchange Integration automatically detect NTLM authentication during autodiscovery. [BNMA-16040]
  • Enhancement: Improved Exchange Integration error handling and retry logic. [BNMA-18898] [BNMA-19038] [BNMA-19542] [BNMA-19572]
  • UI change: Exchange Integration server setup now requires a username in addition to an email address. [BNMA-19066]
  • Fix: Exchange Integration jobs retried when Exchange's certificate was invalid or could not be verified. [BNMA-14774]
  • Fix: Exchange Integration job failure reports could be sent erroneously. [BNMA-15391]
  • Fix: Exchange Integration jobs could fail if the service account has a different mail domain than user mailboxes. [BNMA-18730]
  • Fix: Conversation History folders were skipped during Exchange Import if their container class was set incorrectly. [BNMA-18098]
  • Fix: Exchange Integration job reports displayed incorrectly when both users and items failed to be processed. [BNMA-14682]
  • Fix: Exchange Integration jobs failed when using an alias of a service account to log in to Exchange. [BNMA-13462]
  • Fix: Canceling Exchange Integration jobs could fail if done shortly after the job started. [BNMA-19178]
  • Fix: Exchange Integration jobs with a folder filter excluded users from the report if they had no matching folders. [BNMA-14703]
  • Fix: Exchange import jobs could unexpectedly skip an item and report it as failed. [BNMA-19052]
  • Fix: Importing Personal Archives from a user without a Personal Archive store did not clearly report the reason the import failed. [BNMA-13412]
  • Fix: Exchange Integration autodiscovery could hang if redirected to a new email address. [BNMA-19484]
  • Fix: Firmware updates could hang indefinitely. [BNMA-12317]
  • Fix: Data on legacy external shares could fail to rotate to the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service. [BNMA-17234]
  • Fix: Automated Configuration backups did not allow slashes in the "Folder/Path" field. [BNMA-12465]
  • Fix: Outlook Instant Search Integration could crash Outlook on startup. [BNMA-18723] [BNMA-19520]
  • Fix: Removing a Local User could fail if the user had previously taken certain actions. [BNMA-17814]
  • Fix: The Barracuda Message Archiver could reboot prematurely after changing the timezone and before clicking Save. [BNMA-17207]
  • Fix: Emails with some invalid dates were handled incorrectly. [BNMA-16965]

  • Fix: Occasionally attachments can be corrupted when archived by Email Import or Email Stubbing from Exchange 2010. [BNMA-19619]

  • Fix: Large PST exports could fail. [BNMA-18726]
  • Fix: Recent configuration changes could be lost after rebooting. [BNMA-18673]
  • Fix: Certain messages could display incorrectly after being stubbed. [BNMA-18737]
  • Fix: Occasionally, large messages could be truncated when archived by an Email Import or Email Stubbing. [BNMA-18891]
  • Fix: Improved stability of Email Import and Email Stubbing from Exchange. [BNMA-18915]

Note:Customers that have previously stubbed messages using version 5.2 of the firmware may experience issues with Exchange stub links. Contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support for a fix if you think you may be affected.

  • Fix: Separating two Barracuda Message Archivers clustered in a mirroring configuration could fail. [BNMA-18268]

  • Fix: Some messages imported using Exchange Integration did not display Barracuda Cloud Control recipients. [BNMA-17861]
  • Fix: When searching from Barracuda Archive Search for Outlook and not all results were shown, the message indicating that did not always appear. [BNMA-17270]

  • Fix: Users of the Barracuda Archive Search mobile application were unable to log in. [BNMA-17981]

  • Enhancement: Added initial setup wizard to streamline first-time configuration. [BNMA-15313]
  • Enhancement: Exchange Integration tasks automatically attempt more retries after some failures. [BNMA-17318]
  • Enhancement: New group policy option to set a date range when automatically adding users' archive stores after installing the Outlook Add-In. [BNMA-16268]
  • Enhancement: New group policy option to remove email from Outlook after archiving using the Outlook Add-In. [BNMA-15375]
  • Enhancement: New option to require users to log in before viewing stubbed mail and messages linked from reports (default: Yes). [BNMA-16061]
  • Enhancement: Added "Save Attachments" action when right-clicking search results in the Outlook Add-In. [BNMA-16841]
  • Enhancement: Added "Log Out All Clients" action on USERS > Client Downloads page to let admins terminate Outlook Add-In and mobile app sessions. [BNMA-12691]
  • Change: Outlook Add-In searches now return the first 1,000 results in all cases. [BNMA-16208]
  • Fix: Message removal by retention could be delayed by up to one week. [BNMA-15704]
  • Fix: Multiple Barracuda Message Archivers clustered in a mirroring configuration could sync messages already present on both units. [BNMA-15365]
  • Fix: Users with certain usernames could be unable to download attachments. [BNMA-16363]
  • Fix: Virtual Barracuda Message Archivers could reach 100% firmware storage usage during normal operation. [BNMA-16510]
  • Fix: After certain Exchange Integration task failures, further tasks could fail to start. [BNMA-15990]
  • Fix: When opening stubs and search results from the Outlook Add-In, an error "Unable to perform requested action" could appear. [BNMA-16292]
  • Fix: After configuring a Barracuda Message Archiver as a mirror of another, the relationship was not copied to the second appliance. [BNMA-16511]
  • Fix: Nightly configuration backups to SMB shares could fail. [BNMA-16209]
  • Fix: Changes made to the Trusted SMTP Servers setting via Bulk Edit could fail to save. [BNMA-14732]
  • Fix: Nightly Email Sync tasks with the Process Personal Archives option set imported the user's primary mailbox instead. [BNMA-14830]
  • Fix: Stubbing messages generated by equipment such as network-connected scanners could fail. [BNMA-11665]
  • Fix: When replying to a stubbed message in Outlook, the sent item could be removed. [BNMA-16406]
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