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Barracuda Message Archiver Usage Report

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You can view a comprehensive report of archiving activity, cost savings, and projected storage growth based on U.S. dollars per gigabyte.

Go to the BASIC >  Report page. In the Generate Report section, select Usage Report from the Report Type drop-down menu. Enter the email address to which to send the report.

Note that the Date Range fields are not available. This report automatically generates using data from the last year.

Click Email Report to generate and send the report to the specified email address. The report is attached to the email as a PDF file.

The PDF report displays the following details:

  • PDF Header – Barracuda Message Archiver hostname, serial number, and report generation date.
  • Yearly Summary – Displays a summary of employee hours saved, total storage savings in U.S. dollars, and the number of emails flagged for policy violations.
  • Archiving Activity – Displays email, non-email, and messages flagged by policy in table format, as well as a summary pie chart:
    • Total inbound, outbound, and internal archived email by week, month, and year
    • Total non-email items archived including appointments, contacts, notes, and tasks by week, month, and year
    • Total number of emails flagged by built-in and custom policies by week, month, and year
  • Access – Displays the total logins, exports, and search access by week, month, and year, as well as estimated time savings in hours per weekday:
    • Access Overview – displays total user login, export, search activity
    • Administrator – displays login, export, and search activity for administrator role only
    • Auditor – displays login, export, and search activity for auditor role only
    • User – displays user login, export, and search activity for web interface and Barracuda Archive Search for Outlook (excluding Administrator and Auditor roles)
  • Storage – Displays message stubbing and PST management details:
    • Microsoft Exchange Stubbing – Displays the total messages stubbed, storage savings, and cost savings by week, month, and year
    • PST Management – Displays the total number of uploaded PST files, PST storage size, and cost savings by week, month, and year
    • Capacity and Retention Policy Management – Displays the projected yearly growth, time until expected saturation, and retention rate storage based on current usage, device size, and current retention rates including a storage utilization graph with projected cumulative yearly storage
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