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How to Update Microsoft Exchange Online Existing Nightly Actions with EWS

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This article refers to Barracuda Message Archiver firmware version 5.3 or higher, and Microsoft Exchange Online.

Exchange Integration now supports the Exchange Web Services (EWS) protocol for connecting to Exchange Online. With the deprecation of Basic Authentication in Exchange Online at the end of October 2020, using EWS will allow Exchange Integration to continue to work with Exchange Online. You will need to configure a new Exchange Integration source, and new actions configured using that source will use EWS. 

In addition to ensuring that Exchange Integration will continue to connect to Exchange Online after October 2020, the switch to EWS simplifies the Exchange Integration configuration by eliminating the need to use a service account and the accompanying requirement to update the service account's permissions after creating new users with mailboxes.

Step 1. Configure a New Exchange Online Source

To configure a new Exchange Online source, see How to Configure Microsoft Exchange Online Email Import Using EWS.

Step 2. Update an Existing Nightly Action

After configuring a new Exchange Online source, you can update an existing nightly action that uses Microsoft’s Message Application Protocol Interface (MAPI) to use the newly configured EWS source.

  1. Log into the Barracuda Message Archiver as the admin, and go to MAIL SOURCE > Exchange Integration.
  2. Click Upgrade Connector next to the nightly action you want to change.
  3. The Exchange Integration wizard appears with the Select Source page. Click Upgrade Connector.


    Note that you can only update existing nightly actions to new EWS sources.

    The wizard closes and the nightly action is updated to use the selected source.

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