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How do I create policies and alerts on the Barracuda Message Archiver?

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  • Date changed: one year ago
Solution #00002660

All Barracuda Message Archivers, all firmware versions.

Custom policies are created from saved searches. To create a saved search, go to the Basic > Search page and click the blue Advanced Search link at the top of the page. This will reveal more options that you can use to fine tune your search and apply multiple filters.

Once you've built the search you wish to use as your custom policy, enter a name in the field to the right of the Save As button, and then click the Save As button to save the search you've just created.

To view all default and custom policies, go to the Policy/Alerts > Policy Alerts page. This is also where you can create policies from searches and configure policy alert emails. Clicking the trash can button next to any custom policy will remove that policy from the Barracuda Message Archiver. To create a new custom policy, enter the required information at the top of the page and click Add. The following fields must be specified:
  • Policy Name - Name that will be prepended to the beginning of the subject line of the triggering message.
  • Saved Search - The Saved Search whose criteria were met by the detected message. These searches are created on the Basic > Search page, with details of all searches available from the Saved Searches page. 
  • Alert Email Addresses - List of email addresses that are to receive alerts whenever a message is detected that matches the criteria in the Saved Search. A copy of the triggering message will also be sent to these addresses. 
  • Comment - Notes or comments on the policy. 
  • Dashboard - Whether or not the statistics for this policy is displayed on the Basic > Status page, in the Policy Statistics section.
After clicking Add, the policy will be saved and any email addresses specified will begin to receive alerts when new email messages are found to match this policy.

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