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Why doesn't my Barracuda Message Archiver appear to be archiving mail when using POP3 or IMAP journaling with a Microsoft Exchange server? What are these winmail.dat files?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00002691

All Barracuda Message Archivers using POP3 or IMAP journaling with a Microsoft Exchange server, all firmware versions.

TNEF (Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format), also referred to as Exchange Rich Text format, is a custom data format that is sometimes enabled on the Microsoft Exchange POP and IMAP services. This is an old, proprietary data format that the Barracuda Message Archiver cannot properly interpret, as it does not contain all of the header information that modern transports need to properly handle email data.

When the Use Exchange Rich Text Format has been enabled for the POP or IMAP service on the Exchange server, the Barracuda Message Archiver will appear to be working but the emails will not be shown on the Basic > Search page because they do not contain the header information needed to display them properly.

Additional Notes:
Attached TNEF files are usually called winmail.dat. If you see any winmail.dat files on your Barracuda Message Archiver, this same option must be disabled. For more information, see Microsoft's solution here:

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