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How do I backup the data on the Barracuda Message Archiver?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 7 months ago
Solution #00002791

All Barracuda Message Archivers, all firmware versions.

The message storage area on the Barracuda Message Archiver can be made available as an SMB share. This allows you to use  your own third-party software to connect to the Barracuda Message Archiver and back up your emails at your leisure.

To configure this feature, first navigate to the Advanced > Backup page of the Barracuda Message Archiver and locate the Backup of Archives section. Here, you must specify the workgroup name and a password that will be used to connect to the shared area. The username you should use to connect will always be "smb".

Once you have saved these changes, you may map the Barracuda as a network drive just as you would any other remote storage server over SMB. To mount the Message Archiver, use the following syntax in Windows:


Where <IP> is the IP address of the Barracuda. Make sure you specify the username of "smb" and the password you entered on the Backup page when you connect to the Barracuda's SMB share. Once mapped to a network drive on a workstation or server, you will have read-only access to all of your archived emails, just as they are stored on the Barracuda Message Archiver. You may then back up your archived emails in any way you like.

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