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How does my Barracuda Message Archiver help with storage management on Microsoft Exchange?

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  • Date changed: one year ago

Solution #00003440

All Barracuda Message Archivers, all firmware versions.

The Barracuda Message Archiver is designed to help optimize storage on your Exchange server by enabling two things. When you enable journaling on your Barracuda Message Archiver, you ensure that all emails are archived, without exception. Once that is in place, you can allow your email users to delete emails from their Inboxes. This frees up space on Exchange. However, these emails are still accessible at a later date since they were archived and are always available in the Barracuda Message Archiver. The BMA can be setup to access your AD / LDAP server, allowing users to log in and see and retrieve their own email.

In addition to this, you can import all emails from your Exchange into the Barracuda Message Archiver, via MAPI. This will ensure that all emails available on Exchange , from a date prior to installing the Barracuda Message Archiver, are also archived. If your organization uses PST files, the Barracuda Message Archiver also allows you to import all those PST files.

With these two steps in place, you can reduce the amount of storage required for Exchange. This ensures that backup windows are small and manageable and also that performance of Exchange is not being dragged down by large EDB files. The Barracuda Message Archiver can enable this.

No client software has to be installed for either PST Imports or Exchange Imports.

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