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How do I install and use the Outlook Add-In for my Barracuda Message Archiver?

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Applies to all Barracuda Message Archivers.



The Outlook Add-In can be downloaded for the Barracuda Message Archiver from the Users > Client Configuration page. This can then be installed in either Outlook 2003 or 2007. The Outlook Add-In will use the URI configured under Basic > IP Configuration > External Domain Configuration when installed. If one is not configured it will append the host name and default domain from Basic > IP configuration as its URI. The options for the Outlook Add-In can be found within Outlook under Tools > Options > Barracuda Networks tab. The URI can also be adjusted here if needed. 


If you would like to push out the Outlook Add-In with a GPO policy you will want to download the Outlook Add-In Deployment Kit located under the Users > Client Configuration page.

Once the Outlook Add-In has been installed, three icons will appear within the top center of Outlook. Two will have Barracuda symbols with an up and down arrow. The up arrow is for stubbing an attachment to Exchange and the down arrow is for temporarily restoring an attachment back from Exchange. The magnifying glass is for searching the Barracuda Message Archiver. Clicking the magnifying glass will prompt you to login if you have not already. You will have a full-featured search similar to the UI of the Barracuda Message Archiver. The Outlook Add-In currently treats multiple search criteria as ORs. For example, if searching for message contains: "slam dunk" this would be treated as message contains slam OR dunk. If multi-word searching is needed with the AND clause you will need to use the Archivers UI search.


Additional Notes:

The Barracuda Networks TechLibrary covers the deployment, installation, and usage of the Add-in. Please visit the following links to further assist you.


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