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How do I cluster my Barracuda Message Archivers?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 10 months ago
Solution #00006183

* Barracuda Message Archiver models 450 and higher
* The Barracuda Message Archivers are running firmware version 3.0 or higher.


Note: By default, historical data is not backfilled when adding a new device to a cluster. To have your historical data present on both devices, please contact Barracuda Technical Support so that your old data can be migrated. After this is done, all importing of mail will replicate over to both devices.

The Clustering Process
Please follow the following process to initiate the clustering process:
  1. On each device, sign into the Barracuda Message Archiver's web interface using an administrator account and navigate to their Advanced->Clustering page.
  2. Create a 'Cluster Shared Secret' passphrase and configure it on both devices, ensuring that their Clustered Shared Secrets are identical. On each device, enter the 'Clustered Shared Secret' into its respective field and click on the save button on the top right section of the page. You will then be logged out. Sign back in and access the Advanced->Clustering page again. 
  3. For each of the Barracuda Message Archivers being clustered, inside the 'System to add to cluster' text box, enter the IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name for the other device in the cluster and click on the Save button. You will see a task at the top that says "Clustering." This will indicate that the devices have become clustered.
Additional Notes:
The Local Host Map section is an advanced setting for users who want to associate a host name to the IP addresses they have set up in their cluster. These entries will be referenced on the device only, and will not replicate to other devices.

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