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How can I back up my Barracuda Message Archiver via the Barracuda Backup Service?

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Solution #00006322



This solution applies to Barracuda Message Archiver and the Barracuda Backup Service.



Configuring the Barracuda Message Archiver
  1. Navigate to the Barracuda Message Archiver's Advanced->Backup page and turn on Backup Archives via SMB.
  2. Set a Workgroup and a Password for the SMB share.
  3. Click Save.

Configuring the Barracuda Backup Service
  1. Navigate to the Backup->Sources page and click 'Add Data Source'.
  2. Give the new data source a Computer Description and Computer Name.
  3. Set Computer Type to 'Microsoft Windows'.
  4. Click the 'Enable File Share Backups' checkbox, and fill in the username smb and the password you set on the Archiver.
  5. Click Save and head to the next page.
  6. Set Data Type to 'File Share ? CIFS' and fill in the Data Description.
  7. Enter MB-BMA-1 share and see folder 62 for models 650 and below.
    Above 650 you will need to set up the BMA-2 and so forth as the unit fills up or set them up all at the beginning.
  8. Decide whether you want to replicate to the Cloud or not and select the option accordingly.
  9. Click Save.


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